My Letter To Andrew Cuomo

I am going to to sue my daughter, Patrice Hanson, her sister, Linda Cornwell, Holly Hunt, and my daughter, Heather Hanson for the wanton destruction of my families Creative Legacy.

Rosamond Press



scan0025Above is a letter I received from HUD in April 2000, in responce to a letter I sent Andrew Cuomo about predatory loans made by my late father and his private lender, Lawrence Chazen. It was Vic Presco, and Chazen, who hooked up Garth Benton with Christine Rosamond after learning they were artists. Chazen was a partner in the Plumpjack winery with most members of the Getty and Pelosi family. I am told HUD is about to found a Task Force On Predatory Lending that may have led to the subprime Mortgage Crisis.

I am a prophet, who saw this coming when I saw how my late sister’s artwork was treated like Deeds of Trust in Default, and now that Rosamond was dead, these Deeds are going to go through the roof, and those on the ground floor – who knew how Rosamond died – are going to make a…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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