The Haffner, Valkyrie, Burch, and Trump Coercion

I showed you the devils.


Rosamond Press

Several learned people are comparing Plotter Trump’s sleazing it up with Ukraine leader, to Mob Methods. When I talked to the FBI about SLEEPS and Alley Valkyrie, he suggested Racketeering may have been going on. After Belle Burch sent me her poem I admonished her;

“You better not be using monies given to you to help the homeless to party with.”

This is what all members of SLEEPS wanted removed. I refused – after I was COERCED and BLACKMAILED!

Here is an astounding article by a Conservative newspaper that says Trump’s foreign policy is all coercion and no diplomacy.  Coercion and Blackmail are very close in meaning and desired use and intent.

Every time I see Kim Haffner sitting in front with her little dog, she picks Lola up, puts on the face of a Martyr, and protects her precious pet from ‘The Dog Killer’. This is very confrontational, and…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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