Sea Wolf Island

I posted this prophetic post Feb.11 before we knew the coronavirus walked amongst us. The Don has opened Suicide Resorts that should be contained to protect the innocent.

I might rename this island ‘Plague Island’ where victims can get in touch with their fear of the coronavirus. There will be acupuncture.

‘Theatre and the Plague’ (1933)[edit]

Originally presented as a lecture at the Sorbonne (6 April 1933), it was revised and published in NRF (no. 253, 1st Oct. 1934).[2]: 105

Artaud developed the essay while undergoing acupuncture therapy. He was ‘suprised and amazed’ at how the treatment pinpointed ‘with precision and remarkable accuracy the deep, debilitating and demoralizing troubles that have afflicted [him] for so long’, something he related to ‘the “exteriorization” of “latent cruelty” causing the “organic disorder” (OC 4: 33) in plague-victims’.[3]

Theater and the Plague Summary and Analysis

Artaud tells a story about a man named Saint-Rémys, who was Sardinia’s Viceroy in 1720. One morning, that man woke up from a dream during which he saw his entire kingdom devastated by an uncontrollable and vicious plague. Fearing that his dream was a premonition about to come true, Saint-Rémys gave orders to turn a ship called the Grand-Saint-Antoine around when the latter tried to dock at Cagliari, the province’s port. After turning his ship around, the captain of the Grand-Saint-Antoine sailed to Marseille where the vessel docked a few days later. Almost immediately, a virulent form of plague erupted in Marseille, killing thousands of civilians. There were already cases of plague in Marseille, but the disease was contained

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Red Rock Island, San Francisco Bay

Shanghaied – Kidnapped to Sea Wolf Island

A Philosophical Business Adventure and Reality School Show


John Presco

Copyright 2020

Learn The Hard Way

Simulated Violence – No Children Allowed

As a historian, I am amazed what my ancestors did, and everyone’s kinfolk. Most of them had only the Bible to read, and use as a reference, to see if they are doing things the right way. Everything’s in the Bible. Jack London looked to Nietzsche and Spencer, for a newer clue. His Sea Wolf is about new adventures. Has the world run out of them?

EXTRA! Three hours after I posted this, I am sitting in Burger King watching a trailer for London’s ‘Call of the Wild’. I have seen other humans for days. Last evening I’m talking with Casey Farrell (Spooky Noodles) on Irving Street in San Francisco, about the Topical Merry-Go-Round…

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