The Sign of the Go-el Redeemer

God sent His Go-El Redeemer to tell you what John the Baptist said: Repent! All my family and friends deserted me. They took delight that I lost my daughter and grandson to THE DISEASE of alcholism that will kill 88,000 people anually. My fellow human being reveled in my loss of status. Today, everyone’s status hangs in the balance!

Rosamond Press

Capturing Beauty

“If the man has no go’el to whom restitution can be made.”
The Midrash asks:

“Is there anyone in Israel who has no go’el?”

The idea is morally unacceptable. How can a person be so isolated,
and how can a society be so alienated that a person might be entirely
alone? The Sages decided to use this to teach a moral lesson
about “otherness” and about acceptance. The answer the Sages give is
that the only Jew who could possibly lack a go’el would have to be a
childless convert to Judaism. For such a person, God Himself is the

I have shown in this blog, that Jesus was a Go-el Redeemer. My hysterical neighbors did not want to admit I have superior Biblical knowledge they have not received anywhere else. They perceived, somehow, that I was against them, even hated them! I hate them – because…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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