Stella Maris Rosa Mundi

Miriam Starfish.

Rosamond Press

Is there any reason why I should not claim the the Rosa Mundi and the Stella Maris and protect it in my Tower? For I know the secret of the Tomb Mundi, the Master’s Voice, and Rose Mary Magdalene. I am the Rolling Stone, the BRA, the first and the last………………..Word!

Jon the Nazarite

What they say:

That grandiose book of occult lore, the Tarot, has the symbol of the
rose pressed within its pages. Perhaps the most significant image in
the deck is that portraying Death. This card retains its image and
its number throughout the history of the Tarot. Its likely origin is
in the Black Death which swept Europe in 1348 and which became a
popular image for artists and writers in the centuries that followed.
In the reknowned pack published by Waite, Death in black armour is
riding a white horse. He carries in his left…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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