Big Problem With John’s Disciples

I take away Jesus from all evangelicals who voted for The Beast!


Rosamond Press

After Herod had John beheaded there was unrest amongst his followers who the fictional Jesus approaches while they were grieving, on the verge of revolt. No doubt there was a protest and revolt, but, it was not broadcast on the radio of T.V. The news of John’s murder was broadcast abroad in the Diaspora where the disciples of John preached in Synagogues about the Great Atonement at the End Days.

Now Jews were upset in Greece and Rome. An excuse had to be invented, such as, John TRANSFERRED the Holy Spirit over to his disciple Jesus (Jesus who?)while in prison, and thus the Holy Spirit that WAS in John, and now is in Jesus. When John’s teaching about the Jubilee caused the debt archives to be burned and the war with with Rome to begin – and after the Jews lost this war – here come Paul down the road…

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