Faith-Based Justice

When our founding fathers said “all men are created equal” they were not talking about ones race, they were talking about ones religion. Millions of European had died fighting wars over ones religion. There were no wars between believers and non-believers since the armies of the Catholic religions wiped out the Celtic Pagans.  The Teutonic Knights were the last to do so. around 1400. Pagans were considered inferior to Christians.

When Sue Haffner ‘Super Christian’ read, or was told I blogged on evangelical warriors for Jesus, who were forming militias in order to shoot non-Christians dead on American soil, she probably called her relative who is a Springfield Cop. Sue wanted to hurt me any way she could. This cop may have told her to due a simple google check, or, he did this himself. Kim might have been ut in charge by her Mother-Jesus, and she found the slander that Alley Valkyrie posted on a fake abuser site. Was the cop – and the Haffners – overjoyed that Team Jesus working as one can bring Their Family Enemy – down? Was Sue elated that Trump was not found guilty by the Senate? Does she squeal for joy when she hears Trump-Jesus is exacting revenge – and Barr is helping Team Jesus get out of jail? All across America, there are families like the Haffners seeking a Alternative Justice that they insist Jesus approves of. Here are the New Nazis!

Christian leaders know all about the war of religions. This is why they encourage their flocks to become Republicans. They want a believer vs. infidel holy war they believe they will win – because Jesus is on their side – without a doubt! If the Democrats were followers of a enemy religion, they would be u in arms already – in the name of Jesus! The Haffner family believe they ar Holy Warriors for Jesus. How about their kin – THE COP! I have his name, somewhere.

John Presco

All Three Haffner Women Read Christine’s Bio

When I handed Kim Haffner my sister’s biography to read, I told her not to let anyone else read it because of the lies of outsiders. I told Kim she does not know what these lies are, and, I will go over them when she is done reading the book. She told me she was a fast reader, and would not lend this book out.

Why would I lend this book to anyone who was hostile to me, and was turning our neighbors against me? I believe Kim handed my famous sister’s bio to her mother, who then gave it to Magan Haffner to read. How would I know THEY read it, they reasoned.

When Kim finally got MY book back from her daughter, she was horrified to see the dogears. Here was PROOF Kim betrayed our friendship, and her family betrayed our friendship. All three could not be trusted. All three are not worthy to be my friend, or, a friend of my late sister. Kim lied when she said she did not read my book after a month had gone by.

Curiosity killed the cat. What was I thinking! No way would Sue and Megan Haffner allow Kim to be the only one who read my families deep dark secrets! All three Haffners read Christine Rosamond Benton’s biography so they could conduct a Family Gossip Fest!

Case closed!

John Presco

John Ambrose <>
Aug 5, 2019 at 9:59 AM
What is the city of Springfield going to do about the people who terrorized me? I had two Springfield officers in my house five years looking at the threats this evil lunatic sent me on the internet. All the reporters are saying we to learn how to spot potential shooters. I was set up to be a TARGET of a shooter.
John Presco

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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