Citizens Fight Back Against Anarchists

About time! Business People downtown rose up against Homeless Terrorists.  Support businesses who will not tolerate lawless people who terrorize senior citizens, and those who invoke the names of Anarchists!  The Olympic Trials are coming to our area. We need to make guests to our area feel comfortable. If you see homeless people and their advocates harassing someone, call 911.

John Presco

EUGENE, Ore. – Thousands of visitors are due in Eugene later this year for all the track events at the renovated Hayward Field.

In 2021, athletes from hundreds of nations around the globe will come to Eugene for the first IAAF World Championships ever on U.S. soil.

EUGENE, Ore. – A weekend protest inside a Eugene brewery has many business owners upset with the move.

Nearly 20 protestors swarmed Elk Horn Brewery on Saturday.

Now, the group Eugene Wake Up, launched by the Elk Horn owner, is gaining momentum among concerned business owners.

Elk Horn Brewery saw a string of vandalism in 2019.

Owner Stephen Sheehan says he’s been trying to put a stop to the behavior, which ultimately led to the birth of Eugene Wake Up.

But he says some people are misunderstanding the groups’ efforts saying the protest was uncalled for.

The move comes from a citizen group formed to protest Eugene Wake Up alleging the group members are criminalizing homelessness.

Protestor Alex Goldman explains that “a different response than calling for more jail beds is necessary.”

Sheehan says the protest went too far.

“I would’ve rather had something broken than have young kids scared I mean that was the damages that were done,” Sheehan said.

Ever since a string of vandalism at his business, he says he’s been trying to combat lawless behavior.

He clarifies that this is not a move against the homeless, but rather asking the city to do more to stop those who don’t follow the law.

Now, more business owners are joining in.

Local family business owner Jarl Berg adds, “Enough is enough, we’ve watched it slowly but surely progress and get worse and worse we’re done.”

Sheehan says the protest put him over the edge after receiving hate mail.

He states he is worried about the safety of his family.

He says he’s stepping back from Eugene Wake Up but will support the groups’ efforts from behind the scenes.

Sheehan says the police were not called during the protest because staff was trying to get them out.

He also adds that after the event transpired, an outpour of people came to Elk Horn on Sunday to show their support.

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