Big Beat With Seventh Seal

Donald Trump and the Republican Party was REINVENTED. The GREAT DENIAL MACHINE was used to do the trick. Results matter – not the truth! Haffner has one goal – keep on eating till she drops dead. If you get in her way – she will CONSUME YOU! She has no gifts or talent. This is the Anti-Artist!

Rosamond Press

The book ‘The Seventh Seal’ is on the bookshelf of the Kesey mural, a book away from the ‘Big Beat Club Acid Test. The SS was first a movie about a knight that cheats death. The Big Beat does not appear to be a book. I have stated in this blog I died while on a large dose of LSD, by the sea. I get it, these are video tapes!

I asked Kim Hafner if she took LSD, and she freaked. She told me she used to party with members of the Kesey family. I wonder if she had a bad trip and ended up in the Johnson Unit. The point is, these images and subject matter are a part of Springfield’s cultural history and no one who took part should be assigned a Mind Leech Thought Police Lump that attaches themselves to their host, and sucks the life out…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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