I Own Robert Breevort Buck’s History



Washington Irving was hired to BRAND a New Nation West of the Mississippi. The Fremonts were in on this Nation Building. Trump is now King of America fulfilling the evil dream of the fake Republicans to be THE ONLY PARTY that is co-ruled by the evangelical heresy of John Darby. I am posting on Innovation in Downtown Eugene. I have entered the Gideon Computer via XS Media where I converse with about twenty people. Because the Monroe Doctrine I am able to claim much of America, where on I will overlay a cyber-reality employing all the History the evangelical Trumpire threw in the flames.

I am The Phoenix Bird!


EXTRA! I just got off the phone with Nina. Yesterday was the last day to enter my name in the race for Republican President. I need attorney to ascertain if Trump’s lawyers have broken the bi-laws and traditions of the party co-founded by John Fremont, who may have been doing to bidding of John Astor seen in the painting above.

SOS Orestar-Support * SOS <orestar-support.sos@oregon.gov>
Jan 31 at 2:08 PM

Here is a link to a quick explaination of the process in Oregon: https://sos.oregon.gov/elections/Documents/president-major-political-party.pdf

This is the state candidate manual, and the page you want is page 15:


Nita A Kumar| Compliance Specialist

Secretary of State

Elections Division

255 Capitol St. NE

Salem OR 97310


Rosamond Press

Heisinger, Buck &amp; Morris, Attorneys at Law

I own Robert Breevort Buck’s family history! I took it! I am using it. I copyrighted it! I told Sydney Morris that I began my biography of Christine and I in 1992. He, his law firm, Stacey Pierrot, Tom Snyder, and Julie Lynch did not honor my copyright. These people tried to weaken and destroy me by luring my SEVENETEEN year old CHILD out of my life. Add the history of John Wilson,  Henry Breevort, and Washington Irving, then you have half the history of America!

Here is my niece, Christine Rosamond Benton’s adult named Heir in her Will. Drew Benton is the other named Heir. She was eight when her mother died. Patrice and Heather Hanson, never knew Christine, or, talked to her. My sister did not know they existed. The Hansons have done massive damage to Rosamond’s estate, and our Creative Family Legacy. Executor, Sydney Morris sold our…

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