Evangelicals Must Condemn Trump

I saw all this coming


Trump: ‘I Have Done More For Christianity Than Jesus’

In response to the Christianity Today editorial calling for his removal, Trump called the magazine a “left-wing rag” and said, “I have done more for Christianity than Jesus.”

“I mean, the name of the magazine is Christianity Today, and who is doing more for Christians today? Not Jesus. He disappeared; no one knows what happened to him. But I’m out there every day protecting churches from crazy liberals.”


Democrats ratcheted up their demands that former national security adviser John Bolton testify in the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump after The New York Times published a report Sunday that said Trump told Bolton he wished to withhold military aid in order to pressure Ukraine into helping with politically motivated investigations.

In his upcoming book, Bolton writes that Trump directly and explicitly told him in August that he wished to withhold the $391 million in military aid to Ukraine that Congress had appropriated until officials there turned over documents related to the 2016 election and former Vice President Joe Biden, the Times reported, citing people who had seen the manuscript.

The former New York mayor was upset Tuesday that Democrats are leaving him in the cold while pressing for John Bolton to be called as a witness at President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial.

“They have indicated in every way possible they are afraid of my physical presence,” Giuliani told the Daily News as part of a string of overnight texts. “They know I know what they are covering up. Why do they want Bolton if not me if they can prove their lies. Again I really should stop wasting my time.”

As Trump’s bulldog personal attorney, Giuliani played a key role in the president’s scheme to pressure Ukraine to announce investigations of Joe Biden and debunked right-wing claims about the 2016 election.



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