Was Sugar Barrel Property Abandoned?

The Bay can become the Center for Western Culture.

Rosamond Press

For five days I have been wondering if the Potrero property was abandoned. There might have been a fallout between Frederick Koster and Adolph Spreckels, they going their separate ways to establish new markets and marketing. No one wanted to buy the property, but the electric plant no one wanted to be next to. Did they lease the property? Why isn’t the Deed in their name?

I believe David Hamsher discovered this abandonment when he helped acquire nearby property. An undisclosed amount was paid for this property. The City of San Francisco is going to spend millions in bringing transportation to the development. I want to read THE FULL BUSINES STORY – like a book! How about a Quick Bite movie?

“There will never be another Gone With The Wind.”

“You got that right! The only written words left, are filed away in our Courts!  The young don’t read books!”

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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