My Grandfather – The Real Bohemian

Save the Bohemian Bay Man!

Rosamond Press

My father’s father gambled for a living in the infamous Barbary Coast where people came from all over the world came to find every kind of sin that was made. Bad art was everywhere, rendered by aspiring artists. Rosemary and Lillian dated the debauched Errol Flynn. She always felt she was going to be somebody. She did not know we were related to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor.

After Rosemary was arrested for making porno movies for the Mafia, she told us we had to be extra good, or the court would take us away from her. She then had to flee to L.A. We were left in the care of an old hag who ate a cold can of pork n’ beans before she went to be at nine. When she turned off our T.V. and said we had to go to bed at that time, we took our Philco upstairs. …

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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