Computers Are Writing Novels

You owe me – BIG TIME!

Rosamond Press

When I first read about Meg Whitman’s QUIBI, I thought about the scary truth, computers are writing novels. I always kept this in mind since I began work on The Gideon Computer. I wondered if my science fiction novel would be completed by an Author-Bot. I now suspect my muse, and the nine muses, are behind me, and guiding me. They led me to discover Associate Capital and Meg Whitman who just quit her job at Hewett Packard. Did they come up with Super Author? Script writers will be put of work. How about, attorneys. Have the invented Super Shark? All Quibi wants is the BRAND of Top Writers. They can cheery-pick free ideas off the internet, and feed them into their computers. How long have I been……EASY PICKINGS?

Like shooting ducks in a barrel! Here is what Hamsher meant by Public Trust. It has everything to do with tides…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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