Tax The Godstar Wars!

The Christians, Jews, and Muslims get all their players and prayers from the Torah. The reason we have troops in The God Zone, is because Thatcher owned nuclear plants in Britain and America, and wanted to partner with Enron and others to build nuclear plants in Kuwait, and, ALL OVER the Allah Zone….after the first Iraqi War. The Bin Laden family were/are the largest cement contractors in the world. I am sure Osama was offered profits in a scheme that create a economic trade parity. Oil&Power.

George W. said he is invading Iraq to bring “God’s gift of liberty to the Iraqi people!” Who REJECTED this gift – like crazy! ISSIS imitated the Bush family with their version of SHOCK&AWE! Tonight, Iran did their version. If the Holy Ones sink a British warship, there will be full scale war. I have seen that possibility for two years via my book ‘The Royal Janitor’.

I am trying to launch is a lawsuit that taxes Christian churches who have played pulpit-politics with all the American People, and, who have corporate profits in mind, or push a economy that favors their ilk.

Tonight, Iran threatened all America’s Allies, who I hope are meeting to discuss SANE options, verses fake – insane religious voo-doo answers! If we go to war, then I hope we pass a law that drafts Evangelical Tribulation Freaks and send them to The Land of Oz to take part in the Godstar Wars!

John Presco

Feb. 18, 2016 at 6:36 a.m. PST

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump believes churches should not lose their tax-exempt status for engaging in political activity, telling the Christian Broadcasting Network that he believes more faith leaders would endorse him if they didn’t feel threatened.

“I know people who want to endorse me, but they’re afraid to endorse anybody because they don’t want to get political. So essentially, they’ve taken a lot of the power away from the church,” Trump told CBN’s “Brody File” in an interview published Thursday.

“I see churches where they’re afraid to be outspoken because they don’t want to lose their tax-exempt status, and I realize that is one of the problems,” he said. “I want to give power back to the church because the church has to have more power. Christianity is really being chopped; little by little it’s being taken away.”

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