Message to Merkley

I just sent this message to my Senator. I have been ambushed by Christian Hogs, and Wiccan Monsters – who are anarchists. They insist it is their right to tell everyone what to do – and use force if necessary!

John Presco

Dear Senator Merkley: I saw you on CNN last night speaking about how our traditional allies were not told the attack on the Iranian general was coming. Since Trump got elected I have been trying to find out how the British Defence Staff Washing D.C. Is faring. Winston Churchill founded this group after World War 2, to ensure Britain and the U.S. will forever be allies in combatting our mutual enemies. These are two English speaking Christian Nations. Our enemies were Buddhists and National Socialists. The Soviet Union was a atheist nation. Many people of many religions and dialect fought together against monsters. How many atheist wore the uniform of the United Freedom Fighters. Churchill wanted a group to show our enemies – that we are still UNITED!

I am a theologian who has been making overt, the covert agenda of the Christian-right for thirty years. I speak their language, their code. Senator Mich McConnell smirk as he accused the Democrats of “playing games” said this to me…..America is now a theocracy thanks to Jesus blessing the Republican party over the Democratic party. We are going to do BIG THINGS, like make prayers in school, legal, and, abortion, illegal. To start our Holy Campaign, we are going to kill a famous Iranian General. Until there is an investigation of the Evangelical leadership, we are doomed to go along with their plan which included…The Great Tribulation! We might be caught up in a dangerous fulfilling prophecy. What can we the people do to help democrats investigate this possibility? I would like you to inform other Senators of the BDS and make it our liaison in International affairs. There is enough evidence Trump, and the Soviet Union have done much damage to the Internal Community – that we are a part of!

One of my great grandfathers was born at Windsor Castle. He was a Puritan leader and head of the Massachusetts Bay Colony and a co-founders of Harvard College that was an ecclesiastical college and company, whose goal was the produce Puritan ministers. Reverend John Wilson did not like the competition, and appears Hawthorne’s ‘The Scarlet Letter’. I am also kin to Senator Thomas Hart Benton who was John Actor’s attorney. His son-in-law, John Fremont, was the first Republican candidate for the Republican party he co-founded.

President Trump and Secretary Pompeo are either dangerously inept or colossally ignorant, and have done enormous damage to U.S. security.

In short order they have…

Turned massive demonstrations in Iran against the Iranian government into massive demonstrations against the U.S.;

Turned demonstrations in Iraq against Iranian influence into demonstrations against U.S. influence;

Mobilized the Iraqi parliament to vote to expel the United States forces from Iraq;

Given Iran an excuse to cancel the restraints on their nuclear program that Iran had agreed to and followed for four years before the Trump administration broke the agreement;

Strengthened the role of Iranian militias in Iraq, expanding Iranian influence—the exact opposite of our goal of reducing Iran’s influence in Iraq;

Caused U.S. forces to set aside their operations against ISIS in order to prepare to defend themselves against attacks by Iran;

Placed U.S. forces and assets in the region at greater risk of attack;

And, most dangerously, set in motion an escalation of attacks that could generate a war between the U.S. and Iran.

Now all Americans must strive to stop the escalation into war.

We must insist on following our U.S. Constitution, which gives Congress, not the President, the power to decide to go to war.

Our founders argued that the cost of war in blood and treasure is far too great to be decided by any one person.

They were right.

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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