Awakening The Roses

The Roses have Awoke in the Garden. My kindred, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was not aware of our Rosemondt ancestors in Holland. She tired to convert to Judaism. She acted as if she were the Queen of Heaven. With the death of the Evangelical and Southern Baptist religions, the church of Mary Magdalene moves to the fill in the void. This aggressive he-man crap is a disaster!

John ‘The Nazarite’

Rose Baronetcy of Canada

I am considering a Canadian James Bond. Above is my kindred Bennett Rosamond, who is kin to Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, who is kin to Ian Fleming, via Aileen Getty. There is no kinship to the Rose Baronets that I have discovered – so far!

Here is the resting place of my kindred, Elizabeth Mary Rosemond Taylor, the grandmother of Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, and daughter of Moses Morton Rosemond.

Ian Fleming is kin to members of the Clan Rose, who carved the stone of the skeleton wearing a crown. There is a rose branch, and a palm branch, denoting this family has been to the Holy Land. My Rose kindred descend from Peter von Rosenberg, a friend of John Dee, the advisor of Queen Elizabeth.

John Presco 007

ROSAMOND, BENNETT, manufacturer and politician; b. 10 May 1833 in Carleton Place, Upper Canada, eldest son of James Rosamond and Margaret Wilson; m. 24 July 1852 Adair Mary Roy in Smiths Falls, Upper Canada, and they had two sons and a daughter; d. 18 May 1910 in London, England, and was buried in Almonte, Ont.

Evelyn Rose was the daughter of George Alfred Sainte Croix Rose (31 January 1854 – 14 February 1926), a Captain in the service of the Royal Buckinghamshire Militia (King’s Own) and Justice of the Peace (J.P.) for Berkshire, son of the 1st Baronet Rose, of Rayners, by his marriage on 8 April 1880 to Beatrice Quain (1857 – 4 January 1911), the daughter of Sir Richard Quain, 1st Baronet, graduated with a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.). On 15 February 1906 she married Valentine Fleming (1882–1917),[2] and by that marriage was the mother of four sons: Peter Fleming, Ian Fleming – the novelist who wrote the James Bond books, Richard Fleming and Michael Fleming. She was known for her flamboyant beauty.

“Without doubt, Fleming’s idea of James Bond is based on Sir William,” says Cord Hart, a former CIA operative and U.S. Army colonel who got to know Stephenson through intelligence circles in the early ’80s.

Sir Philip Rose, 1st Baronet (12 April 1816 – 17 April 1883) was the son of William Rose, an Assistant Surgeon in the British Indian Army and Charlotte Rose (born Baly).

He was admitted as a solicitor in 1836 at the age of 20 and for many years was a partner in the law firm of Baxter, Rose, Norton & Co., resigning his partnership in 1872 after a disagreement with his colleagues. The firm still practices today under the name Norton Rose.

About the Rose surname

As a Scottish surname, Rose is recorded in Scotland from the early 14th Century onwards; the family of Rose of Kilravock, near the town of Nairn, are believed to be a branch of the ancient de Ross clan. This family came originally from Yorkshire, and held a large amount of land in the northern part of Ayrshire during the 12th Century. The de Ross family were of Norman origin, where the name is locational, from Rots near Caen in Normandy; the place is thought to be named with the Germanic element “rod”, clearing. The family were established in Kent in 1130, and one Godfrey de Ros is the first of the name to be recorded in Scotland; he witnessed a charter in Gilmerton, near Edinburgh, in 1189. The branch of the family that took the name Rose have mostly stayed around Nairn and Inverness, and have kept an unusually unbroken pedigree, documented in the book cited below. One William Rose was a charter witness in Inverness in 1360. The marriage of Walter Rose and Elspet McKilican was recorded in Inverness in March 1654. The christening of one John Rose was recorded at Ardersier, near Inverness, in 1741. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Muriel de Roys, which was dated 1333, A Genealogical Deduction of the Family of Rose of Kilravock, 1848, during the reign of King David 11, King of Scotland, 1329 – 1371. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to “develop” often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

William Rose

rose-hill3 rose-hill4 rose-hill5555

Alas I have traced my grandfather’s mother, IDA LOUISIANA ROSE, to WILLIAM ROSE, who sailed for Cowes Isle of Wight, with William Penn. William and his wife, Jane Sarah Ridgway, landed in Philadelphia in December 3, 1699. They sailed on the Canterbury, perhaps the most important ship that sailed the waters of the Isle of Wight.

Alas, the TWO ROSES are joined in my ROSY FAMILY TREE. This makes my family one of the foremost PATRIOTIC AMERICAN FAMILIES  in history. We fought off pirates to arrive here, so we could practice RELIGIOUS FREEDOM.

In my mother’s name ROSEMARY ROSAMOND, the FAMILY ROSES are united. Here is a TRUE ROSELINE that I will design a cote of arms for, and get registered. This English Rose were Quakers. ROYAL ROSAMOND married MARY MAGDALENE. whose kindred fled religious persecution in Germany.

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press Co.

Copyright 2016

Mary Morton Rosemond of Iowa




Descendants of Sir Hill Rose

Sir Hill Rose was born 1650, and died 1720.  He married ? (Rose).

Child of Sir Rose and ? (Rose) is:


William Rose was born December 3, 1699 in Immigrant on the ship Canterbury England, and died in Bedford Co, Pa.  He married Jane ? (Rose).  She was born in England.

Child of William Rose and Jane (Rose) is:


Robert Rose was born Abt. 1731 in Bedford Co, Pa, and died 1784 in Westmoreland Co, Pa.  He married Johanna Crawford Abt. 1755, daughter of John Crawford and Mary Campbell.  She was born Abt. 1735, and died 1788 in Va.

Monica de Mornay De La Croix Rose

Posted on May 9, 2018

by Royal Rosamond Press

It was indeed Daisy who first wore the Dali inspired “Shoe Hat”, which Dali sketched for Elsa in 1937.
Bond and Fellowes
A Ian Fleming Revival
Jon Presco
Copyright 2018

Chapter One

‘The Deal of the Art’

Monica de Mornay Del La Croix watched the rise of her son in the Admiralty with amusement. But, now that the war was over, anyone who was somebody, took a keen interest in the art collection of Hitler’s top brass. The looted art was hands off, but, there was the art that belonged to the aristocracy, that was considered war booty. Henriech Himmler allegedly took it upon himself to rescue the art treasures from the stately homes in Berlin before the advance of the Russians. This art was never found. Then there were Berlin’s museums. Curators moved their art treasures the day after the first allied bombing. All of this was considered war booty, and up for grabs.
James had turned down his mother’s job offer for a position at Loyd’s of London, and Sothebys.
“Get close to the de Rougemonts. They are locking up the world!” Monica said as upon a stage, then came to hover over her son who was in his desk drawer looking for surviving bottle scotch whiskey.
She then tried to hook her son up with Hoaward Young, the art dealer, who was purchasing European Art for wealthy American millionairs.
“I don’t know a thing about art!” James announced proudly, hoping this would put an end his mother’s latest ambition for him.
“Its not a matter of what you know, but who you know! Daisy Fellowes has the hots for you and is between husbands. She is related to Winston Churchill. If you allow her to bed you, she will move you up through the ranks! Everyone in the Royal Navy is after her.”
“Mother! Are you pimping me out?”
“Yes! You are giving it away – for free! How many artists friends do you know, who act like whores around their patrons? Daisy can help you round them up and put them in the Bond & Fellowes stable.”
“Hmm! Bond & Fellowes Art Gallery of London. It has a substantial ring to it. Why not throw in the latest fashions?”
“I don’t trust you will get anything done with all those young models around.”
Monica de Mornay watched her son take in the whole hook, with his mother’s disapproval of him being a womanizer – and a cad! She employed the Rebel Child gambit on him, that she knew would not last forever. Her son was surrounded by those Eaton chaps that were taught how to be clever, and nothing more. They were not ready for the Blitzkrieg. They thought it was going to be another long drawn out chess game. They did not expect their opponent to lunge across the board and plant a dagger in their gut.
The next call would be to her calling card company. She knew her clever son was into giving his name with aplomb;
“Bond. James Bond. Here’ my card!”
Bond & Fellowes
Daisy was now considered the Muse of the Century. Where there is a muse, look for an artist close by. John Singer Sargent did a portrait of Daisy, which got the attention of his rival, Augustus John, who lured the famous actress, Tallulah Bankhead, to his home in that would soon become the home of Francis Taylor. His mother, Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor was there, as was Elizabeth’s sister, Mable Rosemond Young, who was married to Art Dealer, Howard Young, who was a good friend of General Eisenhower. They played a lot poker, with other brass included high ranking allied brass. Monica played her calling card on the Rosemond sister from America.
“Do you know Baron John Rose of Canada? I am kin to all the Rose Barons.”
Monica instantly regretted her name dropping. The look these American women gave her was a put down she had never experienced. She apologized before she heard;
“We grew up with a work horse named Rose.”
“And, a chicken!”
The rumor has it The Boys played for Art, art that was turned over to the allied commanders by their troops. After ascertaining it was German art, Howard arranged for buyers. This was all under the table. This art seeded American companies that took advantage of the technology that the war produced. Several Airlines took off with art belonging to families with Von in their name. This is…….The Untold Renaissance!
Everyone got it, if those Sad Sacks from the Ozarks found out they were being aced out, there would be another American Revolution. The poor hate a rigged game. Booty will be Booty. That’s how it goes, the wages of war.
When Daisy accompanied Tallulah to her first sitting with John, she was introduced to Taylor’s two children. She was struck my the color of their eyes. All the Rosemond women had these purple-blue eyes. They wanted to meet the movie star, who looked perturbed, as did Augustus. She didn’t get what he wanted – from her! Here was Hollywood Royalty, and she looked like she was heading to the barn to milk the cows. She didn’t have – IT!
“And, what are you going to be when you grow up?” Daisy asked Elizabeth.
“I’m going to be a horse trainer. Do you want see my pony uncle Howard gave me?”
Jon Presco
Copyright 2018

Rosamond Press

My kinship to Ian Fleming via Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, has taken on a very real import. You who oppose Trump have got to look at those who depict the EU as the home of the Antichrist. Look for motive. Use your mind.

Jon Presco

Evelyn St. Croix Fleming

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Evelyn St. Croix Fleming, born Evelyn Beatrice Sainte Croix Rose, in Kensington, London, known as Eve Fleming (1885 – 27 July 1964),[1] was an Englishsocialite.


Evelyn Rose was the daughter of George Alfred Sainte Croix Rose (31 January 1854 – 14 February 1926), a Captain in the service of the Royal Buckinghamshire Militia (King’s Own) and Justice of the Peace (J.P.) for Berkshire, son of the 1st Baronet Rose, of Rayners, by his marriage on 8 April 1880…

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