Is British Shakeup Coming Here?

I have been answering this question for six years. I have Victoria Bond come to America. I used Rena Easton as my model. My newspaper is way ahead of the pack, the game, the Future See. Friday I rand into a man who lived with Daemon Knight. I am a Futurian.

John ‘The Futurian’

The left and right have been fairly stable and evenly matched over the past decade, a picture that looks a lot like American politics (we exclude Scotland and Northern Ireland, which make up less than 10 percent of Britain’s population).

But what has changed for each bloc is the social and ideological composition. The data shows us that Britain is now in the grip of a profound and long-term realignment.

The Brexit culture wars have not only shaken up Britain’s political map but are now pushing the country into a more polarized state. From 2010 to 2019, the districts that favored Brexit shifted further to the right, supporting the Conservatives or the populist right, while places that were more likely to vote to remain in the European Union moved decisively left, becoming more likely to vote for Labour, the firmly anti-Brexit Liberal Democrats and the Greens.

This drift helps to explain how as part of their victory in the general election this month Boris Johnson and the Conservatives were able to capture “red wall” districts — the coal and factory towns in the Midlands and north of England that until now voted as reliably for the Labour Party as blue-collar precincts in the American Midwest once voted for the Democrats.

Why is this happening? The popular answer on the left is that this is about economic insecurity, economic globalization and imports from China. But when you zoom in to look not just at areas but individual voters, attitudes toward immigration are in fact the strongest predictor of support for Brexit.

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