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Last night I watched a show on the Sixties. Ken Babbs was the MC. I talked to Ken and Nancy’s wedding for almost an hour. She got me on The Bus after I graduated from Serenity Lane. She understood I was in a unique position, a original Hippie getting Clean and Sober. Mt play ‘Daughter Dead’ was exploring ways to deal with mental illness at the end of this movement. OCCUPY had to deal with mental illness when they dealt with the homeless – who POTUS attacks, saying no one was doing anything. Trump says shooters are mentally ill. John Monroe said I was a potential shooter.

Kin Haffner started a fight during our discussion on the damage LSD did compared to Alcoholism. She knew I had thirty-one years of sobriety. That’s what she wanted to destroy because she thought we were going to have sex and be partners. I…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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