What I Wrote Yesterday

I wrote the following yesterday from 10:00 to 5:00 P.M. I dropped out of High School and never went to college. I did not do well in English and never passed a spelling test. When I took a break and a walk, my neighbors wondered about me. I seemed to be in a daze, and ignoring them. Some became furious, and tried to destroy me. The same thing happened to Reverend John Wilson. One article I read said, the Massachusetts Bay Company charter was annulled by Charles the second (an ancestor of Princess Diana) because Harvard College was founded.  John Eliot founded a Latin School in Roxbury where I lived.

My daughter and her mother went behind my back to create a bond with my sister who destroyed our family history – for money! After getting caught betraying me, this team of treasure hunters have formed a Man Hater club where I am demonized and ostracized. I have been besieged by crazy Christian and Anarchist Tribes who want to destroy me. John Wilson can relate. I suspect a lot of drunks and fornicators got on board ships for America looking for a free meal. The Puritans banned Christmas because it was a Roman orgy.

I am going to adopt this pen name.

John Wilson Rosamond


I just awoke from a late Old Man Nap due to the Ducks Game. I had a vision about celebrating Guy Fawkes Day in Bozeman Montana. It will be a bi-partisan affair. As the sun sets, Rena Easton will begin to read from my great grandfather’s long poem. A guest missionary from Africa will finish God’s Work began on October 5th. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be the Guests of Honor.

John Wilson was America’s most prolific writer who helped John Eliot compose his Indian Bible which is one of the most amazing books ever written. It shows the European settlers wanted Native Americans to own equality in the Words of God, and not to be subjected with them. Marilyn Reed is part Meti and has tried to come to terms with African slaves being brought here against their will, and after reading the Bible, they formed choirs that is the base of much American music. This is when it dawned on me African Missionaries coming to America – on their own free will – to help all the American People, not only liberates black people from the confines of their history, but establishes a Religious Foreign Policy with the African Continent.

I am an Emissary for a Literary Heritage that has been under egregious attack. I will go before the Springfield City Council and the Mayor, to present my family history that should be honored and preserved in this city.

I believe John Wilson was beset by agents of Cromwell who feared the Puritan would establish their own monarchy and raise a army of Native Americans that would conquer Britain. John Eliot also tried Anne Hutcheson.  My grandfathers master of Latin, poetry, and English, was a great threat to the powers in England and Europe itself. Wilson’s enemies saw a great nation rising in stature, that was free of direct any intervention considering the Atlantic Ocean had to be crossed to deliver any punishment. So fake folks of God were sent over to subvert the Wilson Family endeavor. Today is December 7th. Japan came across the Pacific to attack the American fleet at Pearl Harbor. We the People were blessed by a great President, who saved us.

As I type, Rudy Giuliani is in the Ukraine consorting with dubious foreigner on how to defeat the Democrats. I compare him, and those who have been put behind bars, as the New Guy Fawkes. Vice President, Joe Biden, depicts Trump’s Foreign Policy as a Clown Show. In a poll, millions of Evangelical voters would not mind if their President did away with much of our Federal Government and the Rule of Law.

When President Obama got elected, Dick Armey formed a fake Tea Party. If the Republicans succeed in destroying our root, I call for the founding of a Patriotic Puritan Party.

John Presco

God has bid me to help author the First American Bible in order to end divineness in America. The Puritans were instrumental in authoring the King James Bible, and John Eliot, with the help of John Wilson, wrote the First American Bible in the Algonquin Language that very few can read. This is an astounding fact. Fourteen years went into writing a special Bible for very special people – the world knew nothing about! Did Islam know of the New World Natives? How about the Russian Orthodox Church? Did the Vikings who had contact with these natives – convert to Christianity?

I have been taking a close look at the Baptist Church, today, and now know I was really on to something when I ordered the Evangelicals out of the Republican Party – that I title ‘The Third Tower’. In Boston there is the Church Tower that John Wilson founded, and, the Church Tower that William Screven founded. They were, and still are, in sight of each other. They are symbols of The Religious Split that Wilson and Eliot tried to prevent. These two Men of God came from England, where religious rivalry had turned into a Holy War between the Catholics and the Church of England. The Puritans found themselves in the middle, and fled to the New World to escape REAL persecution. They were devoted to being rid of Religious Schism. That was at the top of the list. They were not dedicated to governing ones penis and vagina to prove what prigs they are. This is the religious propaganda of those who brought their schism to America, and fought with the Puritans for supremacy. This religious struggle resulted in the establishment of THE THIRD TOWER which is the Republican Party.

The Southern Baptist made a secret church out of a political party, in order to win over all of America. Add to this the demand that the Baptists enhance, and increase the Personal Relationship with Jesus catechism, then mere members of the congressional came to believe they could vote themselves – CLOSER TO GOD! This is why but a handful will look at the High Crimes and Misdemeanor, and his mountain of Sex Sins, lest the truth remove them from their Personal Relationship with God-Jesus. Million of Baptist-Evangelicals said they would let go our Constitutional, then let go of their Personal Jesus. This spells ruin for our Democracy. My claim to being the Rightful Heir to the Republican Party – looms large! I suspect Kim Haffner’s minister, and other church leaders – KNOW MY CLAIM IS VALID -and thus they launched a campaign to lock me up – and destroy me!

An American Schism, 250 years old, has morphed into a Political Schism, that is fastly eroding the Two Party System. This is vastly larger and more threatening than Watergate, because Nixon was not driven by religion. Trump knows nothing about the Bible. He is too busy with his self-loving mirror. He could not find the time to read about Diplomatic Etiquette, where the hand of the First Lady, or Head of State, is taken – first! Following NO RULES can not be the preferred way of the forty million evangelicals that put Trump in the New Baptist Church of the Political Awakening! They are appointing Supreme Court Justices in the name of Jesus – and the Divine Republican House of God.

I suggest a convention of American Religions meet at North Western University for the discussion of the writing America’s First Bible. All American Religions are invited to contribute their ideas of how this Bible will read. Islam is invited. I invite religious opinions that want to do away with all secular rule. Let us build the American House of God that contain the Words of God that will be voted upon. We must stop chasing the bird that got into our house. We are not coo-coo birds! We are Children of God who must instigate a Third Awakening.

John ‘The Baptist Prophet’ head of The New Radio Church of Springfield.

It is most easy to draw a line in the sand, and announce which side the Chosen Ones are on. The Bible is full of stories where this was done over and over. How did this work for The Chosen People of God? My grandfather, Reverend John Wilson, wrote the longest poem yet written in the New World, that celebrates the defeat of Papal Britain by the Protestants. Evangelical leaders worked with stealth to my the Republican Party, co-founded by my kindred, the party of The Chosen Ones. Ed Ray, and Eric Richardson, weaponized Name Change to counter – what? If we are to survive as a Democracy, we must call for a Religious Forum, that invites Secular Society to take part, in how WE can create a more Perfect Union, that is the Flower of World Diplomacy!

Tens of millions of evangelicals have chosen to ignore the lies of their Chosen One, and back Trump’s refusal to take part in a valid Impeachment. We the People are being ruled by The Wizard of Oz, also known as


About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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