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People want to be notorious sinners, like our President. The evangelicals don’t give a shit. Their powerful man empowers them, like a Roman Emperor. Above is a pic of my brother and I with our uncle Vinnie. Five months after this shot, I get a death threat, then a offer to manage of adult movie theatre in Hollywood by a member of the Purple Gang. His daughter would not let me take that job.

“They will own you if you do!”

Christine did a painting of our dear friend, Melinda Frank. She gave her bee-stung lips that Rosamond gave herself, surgically.

Rosemary told her children she knew who killed Kennedy. Here’s a clue, how. This blog is being monitored by the FBI. I suspect Remmer made my brother and I ‘Made Men’ when we were sixteen and fifteen. This may be why I survived the Mafia hit in Boston. I met with several bosses in a room outside the Courtroom. I was a stand-up guy, utterly fearless. I loved Melinda nearly to death. She had smarts and class. Her father wanted a son. A son-in-law would do. Dad would have had me kill someone to prove my loyalty. I told M2 if I took that job at the soft-porno theatre, we could get married. What beautiful children we would have had. I would have bought us a Thunderbird. That’s my Ford Fairlane. I would not give up my art. What would be my moniker.

When I was a young man we owned permission to kill for sex – if we had the guts. Bohemianism is getting sex the easy way. A poem and a beret will do ya. The Mob didn’t know how to cut-in on this Coffee House action. I know of one attempt. I was working at May Company when Melinda dropped in to see me. This is 1965. I was being considered to be the manager of four art stores. I had it made. I dropped out, and tuned in.

“There’s something happening up North that you should be a art of!” says Melinda. She could corrupt me all she wants. When I saw the Condor Club sign, I knew Frank and his men were everywhere. The top dogs wanted Cuba back before Jack got elected. They wanted their International Settlement back that was taken over by Communists. When Bobby went on the warpath, the Mob demanded Cuba back. They were furious a Catholic Boy was being such a prig, especially when his father was a bootlegger. Stabbed in the back. Jack was warned about going to Dallas.

Sin has made many people and groups – powerful! The Warren Commission avoided telling the world that Sin and the Mob ran everything on the want of sex, and wanted something for nothing via gambling. Here is the original Hippies – minus free love! You can have all the Free Money you want, if you are lucky. Of course they are going to off anyone who gets in their way.

Carol Dodo is posing in front of a Keen. This Andyish.

John Presco

Copyright 2019

Lanza became well connected throughout the country with other mob figures, as well in Las Vegas by his friend William “Bones” Remmer. Remmer was Lanza’s link to Las Vegas and started their own casino skim. He became close friends with Joseph Civello, the boss of the Dallas crime family and to Joe Cerrito, the boss of the San Jose crime family.

A group of investors bought the Cal-Neva in 1935, and recruited William “Bones” Remmer[9] to act as its president and the pit manager of the casino.[10] That year a 13-year-old Judy Garland performed at Cal Neva for the first time.[11] The original building burnt down in 1937 causing $200,000 worth of damage;[12] the incident which was thought to have been arson but no charges were ever brought.[13] The reconstruction effort took 30 days, with 500 men working on the project.[14] State legislation was changed shortly afterwards to allow gambling, and following the purchase by developer Norman Blitz it became one of Nevada’s earliest legalized casinos and rumors abounded that there was an intention by the owners of the lodge to put a gambling boat on the lake.[13][15][16]

Towards the end of the Second World War, the lodge was purchased from Remmer by Sanford Adler and a group of associates for $700,000;[17][18] Adler renamed the property to “Cal Neva” in order to match Adler’s Cal Neva hotel in Reno, Nevada.[19] However, this formatting of the name had been in common use since before the fire.[5] In 1946, Xavier Cugat was paid a reported $22,000 for a two-week stint at Cal Neva Lodge—this was reportedly the first nationally famous band to perform there.[20]

Cal Neva Resort & Casino, previously known as the Calneva Resort and Cal-Neva Lodge,[1][2] is a resort and casino straddling the border between Nevada and California on the shores of Lake Tahoe. The original building was constructed in 1926, and became famous when the national media picked up a story about actress Clara Bow cancelling checks she owed to the Cal Neva worth $13,000 in 1930 ($195,000 today).[3] After burning down in a fire in 1937, the structure was rebuilt in only 30 days. In 1960, entertainer Frank Sinatra purchased the Resort alongside Dean Martin and Chicago mobster Sam Giancana.

Under Sinatra, the Celebrity Room was added alongside a helipad and it opened year round. His ownership gradually increased over the following two years until he owned 50 percent outright. But Giancana’s attendance at the property first provoked a rift between Sinatra and share holder Hank Sanicola, and later resulted in Sinatra’s gambling license being suspended by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. He initially leased the property to Jack L. Warner and later in 1968 to a group of investors. It passed through the hands of a series of investment groups until 1976 when it was bought by Kirk Kerkorian. The property closed for renovations in 2013 and has not reopened since. Larry Ellison purchased the property out of bankruptcy in 2018.

Jack Ruby[edit]

In November 1963, President John F. Kennedy visited Dallas. Many[who?] suspected the involvement of the local underworld when the President was assassinated on November 22.[citation needed] Suspicions increased two days later when accused Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, then in the custody of the Dallas Police, was shot and mortally wounded in front of TV cameras by local nightclub owner Jack Ruby.

Informant Bobby Gene Moore told the FBI what he knew about Ruby’s many visits with Joseph Civello.[citation needed] During the Warren Commission probe into the Kennedy Assassination, further evidence surfaced of contacts between Ruby and Tampa Mob figures in Havana, Cuba. Ruby visited gambler Lewis J. McWillie in Havana in 1959, and one account suggested he and McWillie visited Tampa crime boss Santo Trafficante Jr., then held by Fidel Castro at Trescornia detention camp.[citation needed] The FBI called in Joseph Civello for a brief interview and noted that the Dallas crime boss admitted knowing Ruby for about ten years and seeing him four or five times. Civello told agents that he last recalled seeing Ruby in 1957.

Civello died in January 1970.

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Coppa’s walls were always adorned with strange conceits of the artists and writers who frequented his place.

In the last two days I began to question the number of people who attended Victor Hugo Presco’s funeral. Rosemary said there were 5,000 people – including the Mayor of San Francisco. The Mayor would not to got to Crockett where there were not that many people, thus, Hugo’s funeral was held in San Francisco – in the Barbary Coast! Was there a block party for this gambler whose ancestors came from Bohemia? Was Hugo more than a gambler?

Rosemary said Vic was a “made man” . His Stuttmeister aunts offered him his own furniture moving company when he turned twenty-one. Was there a prearranged marriage between Melba and Hugo, creating an alliance between two Mob families? Vic told me he wanted to start his own family. This is why he had us…

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