President Wants Christians to be Republicans?

Jesus loved THE TRUTH and people who told THE TRUTH. He hates liars!

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How honest is this? My kin, John Fremont, co-founded the Abolitionist Republican Party and was its first Presidential Candidate. Trump carries those red southern states who honor their Confederate ancestors. Capturing the moral high ground began before the Civil War. Ministers on both sides made a claim. The issue of abortion was invented to take the moral high ground from the Civil Rights movement that was taking power away from white people who are becoming the minority, and thus want to appear to be victims. That only they care about Right to Life, is the invention.


“If you look at public opinion data, white evangelicals’ connection to [Trump] isn’t because he’s carrying water for their pet causes,” said Robert Jones, founding CEO of PRRI. “It’s really about their broader fear about the changing demographics of the country.

The night before last week’s National Prayer Breakfast, President…

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