My Family Has Been Evacuated

I awoke this morning realizing the struggle I have been having with my daughter, and her mother and aunt is over their disrespect for my sobriety and religious beliefs. The miscarriage out of wedlock, the wine and beer ads, are part of the Nazarite prophecy. I was surprised my posts on North Bay Woman magazine were not erased. A box for feedback popped up, and I said;

“Get rid of the wine ads and the promotion of self-medicating.”

Here is my message of the only Nazarite in the world at this moment. There is no record of a Nazarite having a child and a grandchild. I had spent thousands hours in isolation researching the lost Nazarite information. I considered myself a Jewish Sage. Sometimes I would glow. When my sixteen year old daughter came into my life, I told her I am utterly unprepared to be a father. I gave her reasons why, but, they did not register. She is hearing rejection because her best friend was recently rejected by her father. I knew I had walked into a landmine area. DANGER lurked everywhere!

Then, Heather vanishes from my life for two years! She went over to my surviving sister’s camp. She gets pregnant. Vicki talks her out of getting an abortion. While leaving a message explaining how she betrayed me, she picks up. I forgive her, and I am on a train to Santa Rosa to see my newborn grandson, Tyler Hunt.

When I was seventeen, my girlfriend gave me ‘The Last Temptation of Jesus Christ’ to read. I did not finish it, and gave it back to her. Several months later her mother found it, and we were forced to go to three Billy Graham crusades. After we broke up, I read the entire book, and had a profound vision. I was an atheist.

In 2000 I was authoring a Grail book. I belonged to several groups that discussed the idea that Mary Magdalene had a girl-child named Sarah. I put forth my Rose Line. I informed these groups that my grandmother was named Mary Magdalene Rosamond. I told them there is no one who ever owned this name. My mother was born Rosemary Rita Rosamond. Heather was born on my mother’s birthday. Dan Brown was eavesdropping on our groups. He took our study – and fictionalized it!

My daughter and her mother pride themselves on keeping it simple. All my complexity was dismissed. When I was around them I was bid to simple things, perform, normally. When I held my grandson for the first time, it was such a profound act, that was so opposite of what my life was supposed to be. I tried to explain this to Heather, but, she was hearing more negative rejection.

Tyler started nursing on my blue coat. Then her gifted me with a burp. How prepared are we for dramatic changes? We live in a insane world that drives us into out Comfort Zone Cave, where we whimper and plead for mercy. On her facebook, Heather asks if anyone has any ideas where her family can go.

Well, they are welcome to come stay with Papa for a few days. I will put out the word that a pregnant un-married women with a beautiful son and boyfriend, are refugees in need of sanctuary.

Be safe out there!



P.S. All I ever wanted was to own some credibility with my daughter, because as a Biblical scholar I had come to a very incredible conclusion. I believe Jesus was a Nazarite like his cousin John the Baptist. Jesus was given vinegar dipped in a sponge – and forced in his mouth in order to break his Nazarite vow. This was the fate of most of the followers of ‘The Way’ including Nazarite women – who Paul hunted down.

This morning, the President of the United States announced the leader of ISIS is dead. Trump mentioned the beheadings and the crucifixions. I believe the Nazarites were encouraged to marry one another. I conclude Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.

‘The area was added to the mandatory evacuation list, according to Jon Stout, the airport manager. The airport also took the step during the October 2017 firestorm.

Just one flight, United Airline’s 9:30 p.m. route from San Francisco, was canceled Saturday. So far on Sunday, nine of the airport’s 15 daily departures and eight of its arrivals have been canceled.

Passengers are encouraged to contact their airline to reschedule their flight into Santa Rosa for another day or to be rerouted to the airports in San Francisco, Oakland or San Jose.

8:10 a.m.

Three more evacuation centers have opened in Napa and Alameda counties to accept people fleeing the Kincade fire.

They are located at: Napa Valley College, 2277 Napa Vallejo Highway, in Napa; CrossWalk Community Church, 2590 1st St., in Napa; and Alameda County Fairgrounds (which is accepting large animals), 4501 Pleasanton Ave., in Pleasanton.

8 a.m.

Cal Fire early Sunday estimated the Kincade fire had grown by about 5,000 acres overnight and now is at 30,000 acres, mostly burning in rugged, steep, brushy terrain.

The containment Sunday dropped slightly to 10%, down from an estimate of 11% on Saturday night, as fire officials evaluated the size and the amount of line firefighters had cut.

The number of homes and other structures burned remained at 79, with another 14 damaged.

Help continued to arrive Saturday and crews were sent straight to the fire lines, said Sonoma County Fire Chief Mark Heine. There now are 3,081 people working on the fire.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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