Our Darkest Hour

The Evangelicals have betrayed Christiandom.

Rosamond Press

Robert Mueller said Trump would be put on trial if he were not the President of the United States. No President has betrayed his county like Donald Trump. The Republicans and Evangelicals rooted against Muelller, Justice, and the American Way of Liberty and Life. They undermined the Intelligent Agencies and Law Enforcement. They begged the Russians for help in their bid for the White House. They have betrayed our Allies! Herbert Armstrong saw this coming. He was a true prophet. I saw this coming!

I will now be stepping up my campaign as Republican Candidate for the Office of President of the United States so I can lead my Nation out off darkness so once again we can be the Light and Hope of the World!

John Presco




Armstrong and British Israelism

What would be the mission of James…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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