Another Prediction Comes True

I am the only True Prophet! I said this on Aug.8th.


Be on your guard, Europe. That dangerous lunatic believes he is a military genius, and will open up two fronts to prove it.

Rosamond Press

Yesterday on a friend’s facebook, I predicted The Trumoscowites would get rid of our NATO allies in favor of making Putin our preferred ally. It is now clear why Senator O’Connell did not sign that bill to increase funding to protect the Democrats from being hacked and attacked again. This Traitor does not want Americans to see Putin and the Russians as a threat like they were during the cold war, thus why give any NATO country our Tax Payer’s – TAXES?

I bet you the farmers who are being hurt by Trump&Putin’s trade war with China would like that NATO money – in their banks accounts, in order to save their family farms they want to pass down their children. Thanks to Putin and the might of his Christian Army, it looks like the former Reds have come to save the day!


This is what a coup’ looks…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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