Weak American Women


My daughter says a stranger showed her my old posts – posted before I tried to make amends. I suspect the Kimites, the Alleyites, and other female stalkers. They did me a favor. Millions of American women – own no loyalty. They get on facebook and use these memes to castrate men in a vicious gossip circle. Are Russian Trolls behind this?

Alleged Christian women have divided our Democracy – with glee! They know they can’t convert everyone – with Jesus Love – so they go for weakest, the lame, the old, to be their sacrificial boogy man.

Get a good gander at these United Women! They are powerful because evangelicals are not in their midst creating division, doubt, paranoia, and chaos, the very things Putin wants to inflict Americans with.

The only thing these women fear, is the Kurds, because they invoke the idea of a revolutionary people looking to create a homeland – like the Jews. The Kurds connect with Samson. Everyone loves the Underdog but Trumpsatan! Millions of evangelicals tied their fake love for Jesus to Trumps Star. Now they are going down with the Traitor of God. GOD LOVES BRAVE SOLDIERS!

The Kurds made us look good all over the world – to little people – because we backed them. Trumpsatan turned them over to be slaughtered, because he owes southern-fried hog-women who fake their loves for Jesus in order to own Money Luck!

As I type Russian and China are sending up their Angels of Mercy to drop down and fill in the void. How many thousands of Missionaries are there in borderline countries whose citizens want to go with the strongest nation? Trumpsatan threw Christian Missionaries – under the bus. What about our stronger allies, like England?

“We love the underdog!” used to be America’s motto. The evangelical president destroyed that Brand.

My daughter took away any power I own as a father – with love!

John ‘The Nazarite’

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyrrhichios r f


“Not that long ago, the people of northeastern Syria were greeting U.S. troops as our saviors, as the torchbearers of freedom. Children gathered around the American visitors and expressed joy at the hope they were bringing for the future of our lands. Now those same Syrian children may face death amid the chaos of a new conflict.”

Play both videos at the same time.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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