Throwing Away Your Father

Here are some responses from total strangers to the fake news I am mentally ill and un-treatable. One Witch says the mentally ill are “robotic” and it best to throw them away. Another says get rid of your father and find some Daddy Replacements, for the newborn child, or, Mommy Dearest?

When Patrice went to meet with her husband I saved her children from, she came back with – that glow. I could tell she had showered. When I asked her if she was thinking about going back to that convict who terrorized her sons;

“I don’t know. I haven’t made up my mind!

Patrice Hanson’s sons – froze! I turned and went back to cooking us dinner. I  about the death threats I got. My friends want to beat the crap out of him because they also stood in front of the place they lived – with a baseball bat. I realized this bitch had no empathy for anyone. What felt good to her narcissistic pussy-glow, was the Dictator of us all. I came out of the kitchen.

“Guess what. You ran out of time to make up your mind. Get out of my house, and take everyone and everything with you!”

The nerve of these women. They  believe if you change lovers, and get pregnant all you crazy-ass sin are wiped clean. These witches don’t believe in sins, because that icky-poo man shit that enslave women for 10,000 years. They especially don’t believe in Marriage Certificates – or genealogies! Every time they feel that oohy-gooey guilt crap, and, their consciences is briging them down, they go open their legs and get pregnant so the Sisterhood will come cast good spells on them, and evil spells on THE FATHER, who is insane to think he can make his daughter feel culpable, and, she had done her father wrong.


I am going to start a group that tracks down Daughters of the Corn on facebook, and threated to cut them out of their will if they do no cut tis witchy shit out! Grow up! Your time to play witch ended on your ninth birthday!

In the old days, if a daughter told her father she is pregnant, and the dude refuses to marry her, all kinds of options existed for the father, that could be employed – before he throws his daughter out of the house – on her ass!

I have a vision for a new series……

My Daddy The Witch

A story about a Warlock who loss his wife due to a house falling her. Daddy Witch has to bring us Baby Witch on his own. Problems begin when the aunts stop by and there is Jonny with a Trump hat on, waving his fist and shouting;

“Lock her up! Lock her up!

John Presco

Copyright 2019

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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