Memorial For Vicki

Today, Shannon suggested we get together and hold a memorial for Victoria Presco. We talked about having it here, or, down in L.A. When I considered going to our old home on San Sebastian, I began to cry from that very deep place. I was the only one who cried at Christine’s funeral. I sobbed on my brother’s shoulder when I got a glimpse of our beloved sister in an open casket, which still upsets Shannon.

Above is a photo of the last time I saw Shannon. Christine is looking at the painting I did of Rena that I was about to replicate, but, a newer vision from my muse – has arrived! That’s Vicki on the right. Rosemary is standing in the kitchen. That’s five of us.

Oh my God! There’s Rosemary’s jewelry box, that I found out Shannon came away with. You go girl! She is such a trooper! I said this to my beloved niece;

“It’s just you and me, Kid. We’re the only ones left in the lifeboat. We are the real survivors, the ones who were truly abused!”

John Presco

San Sebastian Avenue

janke93 janke114Above is Glenview Elementary School where all four Presco children attended.  Below is the home we lived in on San Sebastian. There are pics of Corpus Christi Church and Leimert Bridge. There are archways that lead to Piedmont, and the empty lot we played in. Here are the homes of my friends, and my enemies. Here is where I found my bliss.

Jon Presco

janke127 janke125 janke123 janke122

janke94 janke98 janke104

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