My Prophetic Post About Rena

Making true prophets out to be insane – is the norm!


Destroying our Nation and World

The world that Rena, Ian, and I helped make, is being destroyed by ugly, disloyal, business people, and a monstrous family that used, and preyed upon, Beauty Contestants. This blog has tried to defer what I saw coming. Rena and I had a pure Muse-Artist bond. Making money has mothing to do with making art. Making money has nothing to do with making a nation beautiful – and great!

Chazen made Noble Oil a foreign entity in order to keep tax money away from the needy. Berl Buck left monies from Belridge Oil, to help the poor of Marin, and empower those who want to fight the disease of alcoholism. Belridge means ‘beautiful ridge’.

I suspect Trump sees himself as James Bond, out to save the world with the help of Miss Universe. Why is he making the sign of the Bond Gun, – with babe? This person is severely mentally ill. He owns a Christ-complex. This is why he has done away with U.S. and British Intelligence. This is why he will not let go of his RUSSIAN BONDS. He believes BIG MONEY GUYS in Russia and the U.S. will form NEW BOND, and save humanity. RICH MEN will impregnate Beauty Contest Winners. The State Department did not get back to me about the fate of Ian’s British Defense College.

It appears Russian beauties have been jacking Trump off, telling him he is a world hero who will personally end the Cold War, that Denis de Rougemont, led against the Evil Empire.

Jon Presco

Beauty pageants have long appealed to Trump on both aesthetic and commercial grounds. “Honestly, when I bought [Miss Universe], the bathing suits got smaller and the heels got higher and the ratings went up,” he told Vanity Fair in January. Trump purchased the contest in 1996 and entered into a joint partnership with NBC six years later

Donald Trump has told Theresa May in a phone call he does not want to go ahead with a state visit to Britain until the British public supports him coming.

The US president said he did not want to come if there were large-scale protests and his remarks in effect put the visit on hold for some time.

The call was made in recent weeks, according to a Downing Street adviser who was in the room. The statement surprised May, according to those present.

The conversation in part explains why there has been little public discussion about a visit.

May invited Trump to Britain seven days after his inauguration when she became the first foreign leader to visit him in the White House. She told a joint press conference she had extended an invitation from the Queen to Trump and his wife Melania to make a state visit later in the year and was “delighted that the president has accepted that invitation”.

Many senior diplomats, including Lord Ricketts, the former national security adviser, said the invitation was premature, but impossible to rescind once made.

Trump has named Woody Johnson, a Republican donor and owner of the New York Jets, as the new ambassador to the UK but has yet to nominate him formally. A large number of US ambassadorial positions remain unfilled worldwide largely due to the Trump team failing to make any formal nominations.

The acting US ambassador to the UK, Lewis Lukens, a career diplomat, clashed with Trump last week by praising Sadiq Khan, the London mayor, for his strong leadership over the London Bridge and Borough Market terror attack.

His remarks came just days after Trump criticised Khan for his response to the attack, misquoting the mayor’s message to Londoners not to be alarmed by the increased presence of armed police.

Khan’s office pointed out Trump’s error later but the president responded by accusing London’s mayor of making a “pathetic excuse”. Khan then called on the UK government to cancel Trump’s invitation. No date had been fixed for the visit.

The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, said on Twitter that Trump’s decision was “welcome, especially after his attack on London’s mayor & withdrawal from #ParisClimateDeal.”

A Downing Street spokeswoman said it would not comment. “We aren’t going to comment on speculation about the contents of private phone conversations. The Queen extended an invitation to President Trump to visit the UK and there is no change to those plans.”

The White House said in statement: “The President has tremendous respect for Prime Minister May. That subject never came up on the call.”

Jenna Johnson, a Washington Post reporter tweeted to say that the White House press secretary had told her the Guardian’s report was “false” but added that the White House “won’t say when Trump plans to go to the UK”.

Later, The New York Times, citing two unnamed administration officials, reported that Trump was considering scrapping or postponing the trip. The officials stressed that he might yet “warm to the idea” but that keeping it off the schedule was the best approach.

Donald Trump Jr. acknowledged Sunday that he met with a Russian lawyer who had promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton in June 2016.

The news, which was first reported by the New York Times, represents the most direct suggestion to date of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, and it is the first indication that someone from President Trump’s inner circle met with Russians during the campaign. Trump Jr. also brought then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort and Trump’s son-in-law and now-top White House adviser Jared Kushner to the meeting.

But the information isn’t just troubling because it suggests the Trump campaign sought out the help of Russians to win the presidency. It also contradicts a number of claims made by the White House, the campaign and Trump Jr. himself — claims made as recently as this weekend. For an administration and campaign that have repeatedly denied contact with Russians and had their denials blow up in their faces, it’s yet another dubious chapter.

Let’s recap all the times they suggested this kind of thing never happened.

1) Trump Jr. on Saturday: The meeting was about Russian adoption

When the Times first reported the meeting on Saturday, Trump Jr. said that it was about the issue of Russian adoptions and not the campaign.

“We primarily discussed a program about the adoption of Russian children that was active and popular with American families years ago and was since ended by the Russian government, but it was not a campaign issue at the time and there was no follow up,” he said.

Upshot: This statement from Trump Jr. was highly misleading, at best, and it was contradicted just a day later. Clearly the pretext for the meeting was the campaign, and he pretty clearly sought to hide that fact.

2) Trump Jr. in March: No meetings “representing the campaign” with Russians

Trump Jr. told the Times in March that he never met with any Russians while working in a campaign capacity.

“Did I meet with people that were Russian? I’m sure, I’m sure I did,” he said. “But none that were set up. None that I can think of at the moment. And certainly none that I was representing the campaign in any way, shape or form.”

Upshot: We now learn that one meeting was, in fact, “set up” and that it was about the campaign. 

3) President-elect Trump in January: No contact between Trump associates and Russia during campaign

Following a news conference in which Trump didn’t directly answer a question about whether there were contacts between his campaign or associates and Russia, Trump flatly denied that there were, according to two reporters who chased him down.

On June 18, 2013, Donald Trump had some exciting news: He would soon be whisking dozens of the world’s most beautiful women to Russia.

“The Miss Universe Pageant will be broadcast live from MOSCOW, RUSSIA on November 9th,” Trump tweeted that day, referring to the beauty pageant he owned at the time. “A big deal that will bring our countries together!”

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And maybe not just the countries, Trump said: “Do you think Putin will be going to The Miss Universe Pageant,” he tweeted later that day. “[I]f so, will he become my new best friend?”

Now that he’s headed for the Republican presidential nomination, Trump talks often about establishing warmer relations with Vladimir Putin. That’s a sharp break from the Washington establishment consensus for punishing Russia’s president over his policies in Ukraine and Syria.

Trump has said his understanding of Russia is based in part on the 2013 Miss Universe event in Moscow, where the Manhattan mogul watched 86 contestants don shimmering evening gowns and skimpy swimsuits for what he would call “the world’s biggest and most iconic beauty contest.”

“I know Russia well,” Trump told Fox News on May 6. “I had a major event in Russia two or three years ago, which was a big, big incredible event.” Asked whether he had met with Putin there, Trump declined to say, though he added: “I got to meet a lot of people.”

“And you know what?” he continued. “They want to be friendly with the United States. Wouldn’t it be nice if we actually got along with somebody?”

Critics ridiculed the idea that Trump gleaned any real understanding of Russia from hosting a beauty pageant there. But the deeper story of how he brought the Miss Universe pageant to Moscow — a classic Trumpian tale of money, power and pulchritude — does shed fresh light on the business interests and personal contacts that have helped to shape his views about the country. It also reveals more about his personal courtship of Putin, which long predates his presidential bid.

At the heart of the episode is Trump’s relationship with Aras Agalarov, a billionaire Russian real estate mogul with ties to Putin, and Agalarov’s rakish son, Emin, 36, a dance-pop singer with ambitions to international stardom who got Trump to appear in one of his music videos.

The father and son are two of several ultra-wealthy Russians to whom Trump is connected and with whom he has pursued real estate deals. “I have always been interested in building in Russia,” he told the New York Post just after his return from Moscow. He also boasted upon his return from the pageant that “almost all of the oligarchs were in the room.”

The elder Agalarov was born in Azerbaijan in 1956 and has made a Forbes-estimated fortune of nearly $1.3 billion in real estate development. His company, Crocus Group, has won contracts from Putin’s Kremlin, including for two World Cub 2018 stadiums. Putin himself recognized Agalarov’s commercial work in a 2013 ceremony at the Kremlin, where he pinned a medal of honor on Agalarov’s lapel.

Agalarov, 60, shares Trump’s taste for material excess. He developed a luxury housing community outside of Moscow that features a manmade beach waterfall, and housing for his residents’ hundreds of bodyguards. The company’s deluxe shopping mall in Moscow, says its website, “elevat[es] shopping to an art form.”

But it’s Agalarov’s musician son, Emin, who started the chain of events that brought Trump to Moscow.

Emin’s website describes him as having “rock star good looks,” and his music is in the Euro-club style, featuring risque lyrics over thumping dance beats. While Emin claims some commercial success in Russia, his family fortune ensures he can afford a hedonistic lifestyle, one he chronicles on his Instagram account, where he poses on beaches, in swimming pools and at nightclubs — often wearing hats and T-shirts with slogans like “Surprise, I’m Drunk Again” and “Your Girlfriend Hates My Alarm Clock.”

Emin Agalarov’s connection to Donald Trump runs through a beauty queen. In 2013 Emin filmed the video for his single “Amor,” in which the young singer pursues Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo, through darkened city streets with a flashlight. Miss Universe representatives later came to Moscow with Culpo to meet with the Agalarovs, and subsequently introduced the Russians to Trump.

Beauty pageants have long appealed to Trump on both aesthetic and commercial grounds. “Honestly, when I bought [Miss Universe], the bathing suits got smaller and the heels got higher and the ratings went up,” he told Vanity Fair in January. Trump purchased the contest in 1996 and entered into a joint partnership with NBC six years later. After NBC protested his inflammatory comments about Mexican immigrants last year, Trump bought out the network’s share of the organization, then sold his entire stake a few days later.

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