The Last To Grow Up

My father wanted to be a Roman Dictator when he was growing up. The problem, is – he never grew up! He did is his best to be a dictator, but the truth is – he was no good at it! He made a friggen mess out of his fifty year reign!

I spent fourteen hours watching the news yesterday, and everyone was talking about the President of the United States and how can we can fix him – and the friggen mess he made! While watching the video of the woman asking the Republican Congresswoman – REAL QUESTIONS – I got the big picture as she responded. She was whispering – shushing the woman, and saying;

“Let’s not disturbb the Big Baby and make him more upset and unmanageable than he already is!”

I watched many MATURE Talking Heads come up with some very educated answers about – WHAT TO DO! They were quite proud of themselves – for about fifteen minutes! Then, the Big Baby shit his diapers while sitting next the President of Finland. The stink filled the room. The Big Baby raged on about the corrupt press. They are to blame for the Big Baby – sounding like a Big Liar!

Then it dawned on me, the Big Fraud that got elected to LEAD the people, is not a LEADER! I understood that everyone else would have to LEAD, before he does. One by one, right down the line, we hear from 200,000,000 million American adults about what they would do to solve the Big Problem.

My father loved it how we all tried to fix him, make his life work for him, at last. He never felt like a real father, and that was everyone’s fault, but his. Victor William Presco was an only child. His mother worshipped him, and waited on her son – like a slave! She could never please him, never fix him, never make him feel like her Little Man. He understood he was running a SCAM – at a very early age. He refused to grow up. I got another book….

The Man That Refused To Grow Up

Millions of Republican Voters woke this morning with the same truth I woke with….…….

“Not even Jesus can fix the President!…because…he doesn’t want to fixed! Them he would have to be a man – and there goes all that attention he is getting!”

The solution is not to impeach the Big Cry Baby, but, vote the Big Asshole out of office!

John Presco

Copyright 2019

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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