Christian Messiah Lies to Troops

This historian sees a Civil War on our horizon. This is what the Republicans want. If I am wrong, now is the time to speak out against THE LUNATIC. Where are the Men of God? Why aren’t they trying to unite us?


Rosamond Press

As a religious historian this history is often repeated: Religious leaders make outrageous promises to their flock, that can’t be kept. They get paranoid. They look for someone, and something to blame.  Trump and his Christian base chose the Democrats to blame. Traitor Trump took that message of Christian Hate to our troops, many who are Democrats, and come from families that vote the Democratic ticket.

It is clear to many, that Trump will do anything to keep himself and his family out of prison. The POTUS uses young Patriots as The Trump Human Shield. He creates chaos and hides behind the fake wall crisis, and the real crisis he created by withdrawing our troops from Syria. Most Christian Leaders back these evil tactics. They will overlook more lies Trump tells, this time to Warriors who took a oath to protect – all of us!  Trump is lying to young…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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