Christian Leaders Must Rebuke Russian Victory

Three years ago I said the Christian-right should hand back their victory. Yesterday, they threatened us with holy civil war.

Rosamond Press

It is becoming clear Russia handed Trump his victory – in the name of the fake Jesus! Christian leaders must give back this False Victory, call for the impeachment of Trump, and put Hillary in the White House, or, be known as co-conspirators and traitors.

Here is my tongue-in-cheek almost fake prophecy that imitates what I was seeing and combatting on social media. I rescued the prophecy of Herbert Armstrong who always named the Russians as America’s No.1 Enemy – and not the Democrats! When the Iron Curtain fell, I said the Christian-right will be looking for a new Devil, and, the Democrats will be it. The Russians targeted the Democrats – with Trump’s help!

The image above in truth shows Jesus in a ARM contest with Russia. The Russians and the Christian-right joined forces to defeat the Democrats and the two party system. This alliance got millions of…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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