The Real Tortured Artist

Before I met Belle I was considering Miranda to be my muse. She posed nude with my neighbor at Emerald Arts where I showed my painting of Christine and I. I am trying to stop Julie Lynch – who is not an artist or a victim – from exploiting my famous sister and members of her family who were extremely abused. Lynch knew this because she was hired by Stacey Pierrot who hired ghost writer, Tom Snyder.

Add these videos to the one below. That is the same walkway where appear The Monster Terrorists of Art who mentally tortured me, and made me afraid for my person. Many artists and writers have suffered from mental illness. My late sister was one of them. Kim Haffner read her bio.

I will now send this and other blogs to HBO, NETFLIX ect. to see if they want to make a series, now that ‘Game of Thrones’ is finished.  Above is a photo of a painting I did when I was seventeen, titled ‘The Argument’. There are three people in it – screaming! One is a male, who we see. The famous artist, Christine Rosamond saw me do this painting that got destroyed in a fight between Vic and his second wife, Dee-Dee, who shot my father in the back with his own gun. He died with that bullet still in him.



John Presco

Copyright 2019

A Television Series

In the quiet country town of Springfield Oregon, a suffering artists tries to heal from the wounds he and his famous sister suffered from the abuse of their parents. Isolated, he made the mistake of sharing his sister’s biography with his neighbor who worked for years in the only mental ward in Oregon. Little did he know she was a vicious gossip who missed telling stories about the plight of fellow citizens, some famous and well to do, who were at her mercy.  When she learns our tortured artist had been on the bus with Ken Kesey, she went in for the kill.

“I love to get artists and writers in my ward. They think they are better than everyone. I love to bring them down off their high horse and made them scream for mercy!”

Dee-Dee looks like Dee-Dee in the movie ‘Sexy Beast’. Tonight CNN is going to air a program on Pornography. When I was fifteen, and Christine fourteen, our mother told us she was making porn movies for the Mob to support us. My painting ‘The Argument’ was getting in touch with the covert crime in my family and up-bringing.

I suspect Kim Haffner saw Clark in my video, because she later kicked him. This evil woman is dying of obesity. She told me her own shit came out of her mouth, and she was taken to the hospital – again! She went after me because I was the man of her dreams, and she thought we were going to become lovers. Then, I came out a love trance and beheld how fat and ugly she is. How could I have missed that. She was not slender and beautiful – like Belle. I suspect The Un-Sexy Beast’ got rid of Clark.

When I told my mother Dee-Dee knocked Vic’s eye out with an ashtray. She said;

“If he comes around me – I’ll know his other eye out!”

The question is……….How did a world famous artist come from – this? She must have had some help from someone who was on her side.

John Presco

Elmer ‘Big Bones’ Remmer

I met Elmer ‘Big Bones’ Remmer when I was fifteen. He and his wife (or girlfriend) looked like Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, they both having white hair. They walked into our home on San Sebastian Avenue, our benefactor wanting to meet the children of their employee. Rosemary ( a made woman?) was working for Rucker hydraulics in Emmeryville and met Remmer in the Oaks or Menlo Club located in mob-owned town. She started editing porno movies for Remmer, then starred in them. Many nights Rosemary did not get home till after her four children were asleep. We would find a doggy bag from a restaurant in the fridge. Vicki sees her three older siblings as her real parents.Remmer was bigger then I thought. He is named along with Mickey Cohen and Frank Sinatra. He ran the Cal-Neva Lodge and took his case to the highest court in regards to his card rooms in Emmeryville and San Francisco. It looks like Remmer was trying to make gambling legal in all of California which would put the Mob out of business in Nevada. However, Remmer was the Mob.

There was a brawl and arrest in LA involving the actress, Vicki Raaf. Here, Hollywod make-believe, meets real reality!

Rosamond Press

Mark and Vicki Presco ‘Non-Artists’ thought they alas had a big payday coming with Peirrot hired Julie Lynch to make a movie about Rosamond titled ‘Before the Wave’. ‘Getting Off’ is about three New Yorkers playing around with sex and AIDS . These Bohemian Arty Types like to live dangerously. The trailer with them farting around in bed, makes me want to barf! That’s Josie’s bartender come to draw her, he all hot and bothered to see her naked for $40 bucks at the Art School.

“Josie is the tortured artist whose aggressively promiscuous ways hide a basic sense of inferiority.”

Why is Josie tortured? She has a job, a place to live, plenty of friends. I don’t have any friends, after conspiring to see Belle Burch naked for the price of a blue bicycle. Is that a blue bike Josie is riding down the streets of New York? I…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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