Lara Roozemond and Christine Rosamond

When I went looking for a new muse to inspire by book and movie, I searched the internet for actresses and models. When I saw the top image, my search was over. I was reminded of the painting my late sister, Christine Rosamond, did, titled ‘Maggie’. I have been thinking about doing a painting of Lara Roozemond, but, this photography – is a work of art! Lara’s hair coming off her forehead, is exquisite! Christine got lazy when she saw how much time one would spend – getting it right! Lara’s shirt would be the color of the canvas in a Rosamond. The plunging neckline ending in the peek-a-boo of her lace bra – is perfection, as is the tilt of her head, and the placement of her left eye in the frame. There is the hint of a scowl that makes this work a dramatic piece. There’s a faint shadow on her brow. What is Lara’s right eye doing? The pinkness of her skin – speaks volumes! This is a ‘Maiden on the Cusp’. If I do a version, that would be the title. This is a romantic masterpiece. The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood would fight over Ms. Roozemond.

It is no jest, or light thing

that I place Lara

walking in the steps

of the genius

who launched

a ring quest.

What could poor Tolkien do

but melt into

the autumn leaves

along the cobbled way

to the master’s house

and he put a candle

in the window

of his own

in hope there come

a knock

and a summons

to come join

the great adventure

John Presco

Whiles in the early Winter eve
We pass amid the gathering night
Some homestead that we had to leave
Years past; and see its candles bright
Shine in the room beside the door
Where we were merry years agone
But now must never enter more,
As still the dark road drives us on.
E’en so the world of men may turn
At even of some hurried day
And see the ancient glimmer burn
Across the waste that hath no way;
Then with that faint light in its eyes
A while I bid it linger near
And nurse in wavering memories
The bitter-sweet of days that were.

Frisian and Prussian line[edit]

Michael II. Baron zu Schwarzenberg (†1469), oldest son of Erkinger I. (*1362 – †1437), was married twice. First with Gertrud (Bätze) von Cronberg (†1438), from whom the princely line descends. His second marriage was with Ursula (Frankengrüner) Grüner († ca.1484), from whom the Frisian and later the Prussian line originates. The children of Michael’s and Ursula’s alliance were never recognized by their half-siblings, as their first born son was born out of wedlock and the legitimisation only took place with the subsequent wedding.

Johann Onuphrius (*1513–†1584), a great-grandson of Michael II. and Ursula, is considered to be the progenitor of the Frisian Line. His marriage with Maria von Grumbach (†1564) ensured Groot Terhorne Castle until 1879 as the family seat in the Netherlands. The Frisian line was made a member of the Dutch nobility by a Royal decree of King William I. of the Netherlands on August 28, 1814. Henceforth, the Dutch version thoe Schwartzenberg en Hohenlansberg was applied for this branch of the family.

The Prussian Line was established as a cadet branch of the Frisian line with Georg Baron thoe Schwartzenberg en Hohenlansberg (1842-1918), who served as a Rittmeister in the Imperial German Army. He and his descendants were made members of the Prussian nobility by an Imperial decree, issued by Emperor Wilhelm II., and are entitled to carry the German title Freiherr.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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