Gone To Hartwell

Doughton Abbey is a movie.

Rosamond Press


Gone To Hartwell


John Presco

Copyright 2019

Virginia Hambley’s great, great grandfather, Marshall Bourmont, did more than any Frenchman to try and restore the House of Bourbon to the Throne of France. This famous Lost Cause came to dwell at Hartwell House, the home of the Lee Family, from wence Robert E. Lee, sprang. Lee was a famous General who fought for the Confederate States of America, and, lost his battle. There are at least a million men and women, who would like to see the South rise again. There are two million men and women who want the history of their great grandfather, who fought for the Confederacy, preserved. There are three million men and women who live in the Red States who do not approve of the names of their ancestors being removed from public places. How many millions of Southerners own a Confederate flag?


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