Vicki Presco at Catholic School

Vicki Presco At Catholic School

A Eulogy Broadcast On The New Radio Church

By John Presco

Copyright 2019

My departed sister, loved going to Catholic School. She owned the best life any child could own. She was raised by her three older siblings, and only saw her mother, once in awhile.

At Catholic School the Sisters rained praise and love down on Vicki. When she got home, her brothers and sister had pillows of love waiting. We took care of Vicki. She didn’t have to do chores. Sometimes she helped Christine and I wipe the dishes dry. Rosemary saved all her love for Vicki, after wasting it – yet again – on our father who was driven out of our home when I was twelve. Vicki was seven. The Nuns knew Vicki was from a broken home. The four of us lived an extremely healthy and creative life! It was a miracle how we did it!

You can see Mark with his arms around his baby sister. Christine chose me to be her protector. Our father was deliberately cruel to my brother and I. We never told our sisters. We never went to our mother – expecting protection and mercy. Already I have crossed the Intamacy Line that a Superior Court violated when our great endeavor was sold to outsiders. I told the executor we need our intimacy, and putting us in a fish bowl so outsiders can realize a profit from our abuse – and utter grief – would kill us! Our collective soul was all but destroyed. Mark and I were shamed all the time. Our sisters loved us and needed us – till the end!

I wrote this to Shannon an hour ago, when I saw her sobbing on a computer call.

“Yesterday I was able to admit how difficult I have been for too many years. I wish I could have been more of a help. I was able to see through your eyes. Christine and Vicki had two brothers, who were way too distant .perhaps uncaring and unloving. I care for you, and love you Shannon. I will do what I can to do to relieve your loneliness. I am sorry I made Vicki;s life so lonely in the end. You are the living loneliness that has haunted our family – too long! Until I saw this photo I did not realize I could have been – family.”

I was able to see through your eyes. Christine and Vicki had two brothers, who were way too distant .perhaps Last night, I heard Vicki’s confession. She felt very guilty that she allowed our parents to turn her against her older siblings. I forgave her, for what child can fathom such a diabolical scheme. I could. I was aware of it – from the get! For they did their best to pit Mark and I against one another.  If our parents could not love one another, then no one in their family can love each other. And that is the crux of my anger that I have owned since I was a child. I was angry because I did not know what to do. I still have doubts – after I forgave my sister – and us all!

Children are not supposed to be handling these problems. Both our alcoholic and violently destructive parents, watched us crumble under the withering fire. They took notes as they experimented on us. They hated us when we – more than survived! In this photo I looks like my grandson, and Vicki’s grandson – even her son!

Mark played football, and I played drums with white drum sticks – with flames painted on them! I painted a surrealist multileveled chess board on the back of my leather jacket.  Spock and I. Even John Lennon. Vicki had a lot of good qualities to emulate.

Mark helped put men in space. Christine became a world famous artist. I own a newspaper for the arts. Vicki’s contribution was………..Love! Vicki was our ambassador of love. She had the gift to love us all in spite of our shortcomings and glaring faults. Now what will we do. This is too big of a hole, to fill: too big of a heart……to replace! Our little Vicki, is gone. Our soul, has left, this place. The Great Endeavor, looks to the wake Vicki left behind.

Let us salute!

Yesterday, I saw Vicki’s unadulterated, unfiltered light, that I suspect came down to her from the Order of Saint Francis. She was an intended heir to this light. It is unto this Order, and this Light, that I commend my beloved sister’s soul.


San Sebastian Avenue

janke93 janke114Above is Glenview Elementary School where all four Presco children attended.  Below is the home we lived in on San Sebastian. There are pics of Corpus Christi Church and Leimert Bridge. There are archways that lead to Piedmont, and the empty lot we played in. Here are the homes of my friends, and my enemies. Here is where I found my bliss.

Jon Presco

janke127 janke125 janke123 janke122

janke94 janke98 janke104 janke105 janke106 janke107 janke111

The Franciscan Family of Mary Magdalene Rosamond





My grandmother’s cousin was the founder of Briarcliff College and Mother Superior of the Order of Saint Francis that was forced to leave Germany.

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