Here are some images that the name Hromundar was assigned. I will have to sort them out, later. I love the dog and the old man running with a complaint and warning foever associated with women being naked. Great net! Tiny feet! A name for a rock band?

I love art! This will be the opening scene in my movie ‘Hromund’. We see the dog’s wooly face looking out to sea, his hair being blown back by a chilly wind. The camera pans over the beautiful naked young women, who is not cold in the slightest.  What she is doing is not made clear. This creates tension, texture, and the unknown.

In the North it is impossible to sideline the women. There exist not too many distractions. If anyone can heal you, she can.

John Prescoómundar_saga_Gripssonarårten_Eskil_Winge


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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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