The Adventurous Ms. Kingsmill

The Adventurous Ms. Kingsmill


John Presco

I was in a deep funk yesterday after reading the capitalized name “Goddess” applied to the witch that stole my child. She doesn’t know anything, not half of what Ms. Kingsmill knows. Indeed, I had to consider the fact Dael is more clever than me, in some areas, if not all, which as you know is a forbidden consideration on Man Planet. This led me straight into the truth women have taken over Man Planet, that is now Woman Planet, and thus I hate all women. I verbalized this to my friend who descends from the Algonquin People. She hates all palefaces – but me! She sees I am a warrior.

My daughter is a moron who set out to destroy her father in the name of the cowboy goddess – YEHAW! She voted for Trump along with twenty million white women descended from Europeans, who killed off the Warrior Class of peoples they came in contact with – who were not SHAME-BASED WICCAN- CHRISTIANS that my great grandfather tried to destroy.  Women have been trying to destroy me simply for the reason I am an available target who comes in contact with them. Women are afraid of these WWWomen, for they will gang up on you. They weaponized the World Wide Web within two years of discovering it! They put Jabba the Hut in the White House! They loved the Wittelsbach rulers in Britain. I am kin to Shakespeare.

White Women not feeling safe – is destroying the Americas – and burning down the Amazon Forest. Men are not doing this. Native American Women knew who their enemy was -and is! Not feeling safe – IS THE NATIONAL MENTAL SICKNESS! I will expose this woman’s liberation FRAUD!

“My belly swells with the Holy Seed of Righteousness. In the name of King Jesus if the fara away Tribe of Judah, you must clear more land for my tenth child. I don’t feel safe. You must kill all our savage neighbors! We need a higher wall. Fell some trees so my children will not be murdered in their sleep! Burn down the bushes so those Devils cant hide behind them and shoot at us. What kind of man are you, anyway!”

The main thing I was forced to consider after crossing paths with Ms. Kingsmill, is, whether or not she became a Nazarite when she told the story of Samson, and, did she become Samson’s mother when she observed his mother has no name. This is when I knew she was, the one, the girl you bring home to mother, for, I am a Nazarite, who has been looking at the possibility Sampson’s mother was a goddess; thus the taboo imposed upon her by the reformer, Hezikiah. Indeed, the story of Sampson is about taboos being broken.

Before we go any further, allow me to introduce Ms. Gael Kingsmill to my Zulu Nazarite Chruch. It is my wish to marry Ms.Kingsmill while I am on my death bed. My readers know she came into my wheelhouse when she told the story of Snow White, who like Princess Rosamond, pricks her finger and is transformed. My mother was born, Rosemary Rosamond, the daughter of Royal Rosamond, and Mary Magdalene Rosamond. This is ‘The Rose Line’ I introduced to two yahoogroups I belonged to in 1997-99 that Down Brown and his wife eaves-dropped on, thus, I can drop a few hints suggesting Dael and John are the real deal.

Add to this the real possibility I descend from the Rosemondts of Holland, who commissioned Hierronymus Bosch, then we might procure a grant to study this Reenasaince Artist, and the Swan Brethren. I see a series ‘The Adverturous Ms. Kingsmill. Are those the crowned gears of a windmill in Holland? Is Dael a descendant of the Merovingian race! You do understand her hand gestures are meaningful, and she is doing Super Woman with those glasses.  She needs a pith helmet. We need a contract. I bid my readers to contribute to Ms. Kingsmill’s adventures.  I believe she is a Futurian. I know she she avoid the dark coven of Alley Valkyrie which will only peek her curiosity. But, no man has power over this female attribute – which I encourage!

“Only smooth sailing from here – I assume!”

Long live the Ama-Nazarite Church and the Zulu People!

John ‘The Nazarite’

About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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