Present yourself in an artistic way

Thats what I have to do today

But why should I present myself when everyone will project their own image on me.

An image that you can hold on to

An image that you will form based on what you hear and see

Apart from what I am trying to achieve.

So I must define to be defined

Because thats basically what you assigned

Now its myself that I have to find.

Im not the same me as I was yesterday nor will i be the same me tomorrow

because we change, we grow

And where am I?

Is this really me or is this just someone that im pretending to be

Maybe the real me decided to wear a mask hoping it would distract

maybe the real me feels small and decided to stay behind a wall

Because behind my wall im pure

and behind my wall im secure

Feeling strong, feeling like nothing can go wrong.

But there’s not a lot of oxygen behind my wall

I’ve made it too tight

I cant see anything

I’ve made my wall too high

maybe it’s time to fly

The truth is that we are all flying across

on different pathways getting lost

Trying to feel safe in the unsafe

Being pushed in different directions

While getting loads of distractions

Fighting against the fear of others

While we already have or own fear that bothers

But I wont stop

I will be running miles ahead, away from what people said

On my own pathway

Where I’ve got everything to say

Where I’ll  be me

Where I can just be

Totally free


Rosamond Press


The artistry of Lara Roozemond


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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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