The God-El of The Fig Tree

The Trumpites have replealed aid to the aliens amongst us. They ut themsevles outside God’s Kingdom.

Rosamond Press

As the embodiment of John the Baptist, I give sanctuary to all immigrants, legal or not, because God bids me to do so. The Scot-Irish immigrated to America and were the ones who fought the army of Welf Lineage and House of Hanover for our Freedom. Many of the Sons and Daughter of Liberty, had read hair. They knew they were fighting the minion of German and Holy Roman Empire who claimed they converted to the Protestant Religion, that Dottie Witherspoons great grandfather, John Knox, helped found. The false teaching of John Darby attached itself to the Knox linage.

Get out of the Republican Party!


I Am a Jubilee Nazarite

scan0008Evangelicals, and many Christian leaders HATE democracy because FREEDOM distracts from their insidious belief system based upon FAITH, and not TRUTH, because the truth that Jesus was restoring the Jubilee and…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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