Anatomy of a Punch

One of the Three Percenters is punched in the nose by a woman who comes over the top of his punch. I suspect she has been trained. Another woman, in green hair, lays one on him, and I think this is the woman that really connected. His Red Hat Twin does not come to his Trump Buddie’s defense, but, will later take his cowardice out on me – an old man!

Let’s start out with the giant dude they chose to lead the way. Did he ever play football? LeGarrette Blount was my good neighbor.

It looks like Lucky Red Cap hit The Green Monster first. Note the statue of Wayne Morse over his head, with a microphone that amps ones opinions. Hitting a woman has never been a powerful message for a man to make. Is Wayne calling the fight?

I think the naked guy dancer is Ambrose Holtham-Keathly, Belle’s exf-flame who was going bonkers over the loss of Whoville.

What is astounding, is, the 3Centers did not send a scout to study the battlefield and give a report to their commander. They just sign-up to speak, and thought this was a contract, their Bill of Rights! Next to Ken Kesey Square, Wayne Morse Square is one of most hotly contested pieces of real-estate on the Ring of Fire, after Hong Kong! There was a Gay Pride event going on nearby. The women slugging it out, are probably lovers. EPD does not step in between these kind of fights, unless they got a squad of ten – armed men! In Vietnam, all these Centers would have been fragged.

I have been working on a proposal for HBO to make a series of my adventures. I’m going to start out with ‘The Defeat At Naked Pants’. After Custer’s Blunder, this defeat will be studied by the Army Rangers for a hundred years.

“They should have had one of their women lead the way!”

“How about the dame with the shotgun?”

“How about a juggler? They could have had an opening act!”

“Tyrants hate to entertain their enemy. Consider Nero throwing Christians to the lions in the Coliseum.”

“How about another dog act?”

“Nah! That dirty trick only works once.”

“How about – Blondie!”

John Presco

Note my new muse, my Shield-Maiden, is oblivious to the action.

Jim Baker's photo.


God, Guns, And Liberty


· Hosted by Jim Baker and Jamie Burnett
  • Saturday, August 10, 2019 at 1 PM – 3 PM
    2 days ago
Do you love or at least respect God and morality and tradition, love guns and the 2nd amendment and right to be armed, and our American freedom? Then this rally is for you!

We are going to show Eugene that it’s cool to lean right politically and believe in God as well as support the president of the United States! We will meet at the Eugene Courthouse downtown at 1pm on August 10th and the event will end at 3pm sharp. We will have local people speaking on God and self defense, the 2nd Amendment.

This is a patriotic event that will promote God, morality, tradition, the right to self defense and own firearms and carry them.

We cannot let leftists control our city and tell us to keep silent about our beliefs! Let’s show them that we are positive and peaceful people while making a statement about our willingness to appeal to a higher authority above man, that we will defend our country, and we will defend our president.

This is a 2A friendly event and there will be many guns present including AR-15’s. This event is not for soft-conservatives, but those who are bold. We want to show Eugene that there is no reason to fear weapons like firearms as they are just objects and tools that are not alive.
Also, this is a pro America/America First kind of rally. Please make sure any flags, signs or symbols represent America, MAGA, God, and other Americana things in the style of 1776. We ask that you don’t bring Confederate flags or signs to this rally just so we keep the rally focused and leave the media with nothing to bite on except our guns and freedom! This is definitely a non-racist rally. We do not want white nationalists or any national socialist or alt right messages.
No matter what the media will say this is NOT a “far-right” event. This is a solid right event though. Regular conservatives and libertarians.

This is also not a Christian specific event even though it is Christian oriented. We hope many Christians show up, but if you are not a Christian you are welcome to this event and we encourage you to show up anyway. The point is that our nation was founded on Christian morality which blessed us and gave us guidance, morals, and tradition that kept us so strong.  If you appeal to a higher authority, or you refuse to bow down to man and bad decisions made by them and appeal to something greater than them then this event is for you!  Even atheists could get behind that! We welcome conservatives and libertarians from all walks of life! But if Christ offends you so much that you wouldn’t show up then you are just a snowflake.

Threat From Alley Valkyrie

alleyv7Here is the threat I received from Alley Valkyrie ten months ago. I did not know her. Belle did not tell me to stop calling her or write about her until after I received this threat that was carried out.

“I’m going to make this very simple for you. I don’t know if you know who I am, but I sure as hell know who you are, and when you fuck with my friends, you fuck with me. Stop writing about Belle or I am going to make your life very difficult. I mean it. If I see one more word about her on your blog, your FB, or anywhere else, I will make sure that you experience all the fear and discomfort that she is experiencing right now. And no, this isn’t a physical threat, so don’t try to play victim. Frankly, I encourage you to contact EPD, as they already know all about you. I will not do anything illegal, but mark my word you will regret it if you write one more word about her. I will make sure that the entire community knows exactly how much of a sick fuck you are. Your picture, your name, and “samples” of your writing will be posted on every bulletin board in town. There will not be a single person in the Eugene/Springfield area who won’t know that you’re a sick stalker who won’t leave a stalker who won’t leave a young girl alone. Cut it out. Now. This is your first, last, and only warning.”

I Infiltrated SLEEPS


For a year and half, I knew if I went downtown to a City Council meeting, I would run smack-dab into my nemesis, Alley Valkryrie. I am a prophet. She was the first person I see as I came to overlook Wayne Morris Plaza. Holy crap, I’m right on top of her! She is eight feet away. What are the odds!

“Alley is a Feri initiate and Witch who runs a small local gift and clothing business in town called Practical Rabbit, and has become a central activist regarding how the homeless are treated in Eugene, Oregon.”

“Please, go ahead and blog my threat.
You have no fucking idea what you’re getting yourself into
You also have no idea how many people are already on to you, and how many people have my back. We also have six other mutual friends who are going to learn about your behavior ASAP
And just so you know as well: if you write anything about me that could be construed as defamatory, you will be hearing…”


I make a beeline for a bush because my heart was racing. It is thumping in my chest! I was not breathing. I felt, faint. We have never been in the same place at the same time. If I had climbed on the bench and beat my chest, then my video would go viral. There would have been a riot and utter chaos as she shouted orders to her bodyguards – that have nothing to lose. I would be chased around the plaza by members of a radical rock group, singing;

“One way, or another!”


Safely behind a bush I call her my “mortal enemy”. A woman hears me, and asks;

“Who’s up there?”

Again I miss my chance!

“Tis I…….Jon Gregory de Rougemont! The mortal enemy of that lamed-brain nincompoop, Alley ‘In your face’ Valkyrie!”


Just then, my old neighbor, Kevin is in my lense. He is the oldest radical in town after me. The woman backs off. Suddenly, there goes Alley, across the plaza!

I watch her get in line to go before the mayor. Here is another chance I did not take. I could get in line behind her, and ask for an interview while we wait. Close by is a woman officer of the law. But, this would not stop Alley from whispering to her guard;

“It’s Jon. Go tell my Six Alley Goons to follow him when he leaves the meeting! I want him to feel UNSAFE!”

Are these six goons – Feri trained? ‘How to play the pixie with a broken wing, and intimidate your foes.’

I talk with a young woman of Bohemian extraction. I ask her to take a pic of me holding my trophy! I could not get in due to the crowd.

I am going to be seventy years of age in twenty two days. If I would jump out of a plane with a chute on my birthday, I would fall asleep halfway down. This is exactly the kind of thrill-seeking that makes me feel young. It always has. I am a radical newspaper man. I have scooped the other reporters.

Jon Presco

President: Royal Rosamond Press Co.

The homeless folks with SLEEPS want to be protected by the 8th. Amendment.

Dark Side of Ex-Slug Queen




EMILY109 EMILY478 EMILY999CaptureB8Emily_and_friends4emily7


Ex-Slug Queen, Emily Semple is running for the Eugene City Council in Ward One – which is the downtown! I knew the Gwendolites were going to run someone for office, when Gwendolyn Maeve Iris bragged about how many people’s posts she had deleted because they were negative. Then, people were being banned with her Harry Potter wand. When I said something negative to a Gwendolite, I was out of there! Poof!

This is the core of OCCUPY and SLEEPS. Emily, also known as ‘Brave Beatrice’ is a member of The Nightingale Collective, along with Alley Valkyrie and her lover, John Monroe. Is that Emily’s bodyguard – Lurch? Is Emily and Lurch concerned about being molested by a crazed Zombie panhandler – for the Arts? Is it time to revive ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’. That’s City Councilors, Betty Taylor, and George Brown, bookending Alley Valkyrie’s compatriot in the Nightingale Public Advocacy Coalition! Am I dreaming? Is this ‘The Invasion of the Body Snatchers’?

“Into the burning holly cauldron you all go!”

Philosophy Major? This explains why Monroe practiced Psyhcobabble on me after his lover captured me in her Wiccan Pillory. These are my favorite lines, the luring of the monster north – away from Pretty Belle! I will ask the director to hire that Big Boy to be the dude they want me to be.

Ashley Hewes: Mary people like this hurt people who turn the other cheek. That is all I have to say (she lied) I will not stand idly by when there is something I can do to quell his obsessing. I would be willing to become the object of his obsession if I felt it would work. But that would be detrimental to his health.

What Ashley is suggesting, is, only my death will quell my lust for Belle. Alley wants some of this hot action!

Alley Valkyrie: I’d rather he focus on me than Belle, that I’ll absolutely say. I have 100 miles of distance from this fucker.

“Let’s go hide behind the chainsaws!”


I did not go to the City Council meeting that started 90 minutes ago. My new position is to let the Ghoul Times roll, and write a Trilogy. My first book is titled ‘Satan’s Slug Queen’. I tried it on the State Trooper who called for a donation – and he loved it! I pledged $15 dollars – and they are on my side!

What gets me, these women raid banks, raid the mayor’s office, trespass all over the place so they can get on the news, win a Slug Queen crown, then run for a city council seat, and, if you write something bad about them, you’re a Serial Killer rape-artist! Now, they have evolved, or devolved to their old ways.



Advocates for the unhoused in Eugene are rallying at Wayne Morse Plaza (8th and Oak) and care oming before the City Council tonight. They point to a recent statement of interest filed by the U.S. Department of Justice that says “making it a crime for people who are homeless to sleep in public places, when there is insufficient shelter space in a city, unconstitutionally punishes them for being homeless.”



SEPTEMBER 14, 2015



The US Department of Justice on August 6, 2015 exerted new federal muscle against local governments that criminalize homelessness .   In a United States Letter of Interest in a Boise Idaho case, DOJ stated unequivocally that enforcement of anti-camping laws when there is inadequate shelter is unconstitutional.

Lane County’s One Night Homeless Count has repeatedly validated that Eugene has hundreds of unsheltered homeless citizens. The city’s official website confirms this.  Consequently, Eugene’s enforcement of its anti-camping law, 4.815,  is unconstitutional.

In the DOJ “Conclusion” in the Boise case, US Attorney Sharon Brett stated, ” If the Court finds that it is impossible for homeless individuals to secure shelter space on some nights because no beds are available, no shelter meets their disability needs, or they have exceeded the maximum stay limitations, then the Court should also find that enforcement of the ordinances under those circumstances criminalizes the status of being homeless and violates the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution.”

“Thus, criminalizing homelessness is both unconstitutional and misguided public policy, leading to worse outcomes for people who are homeless and for their communities,” admonished the DOJ.

Citizens, both housed and unhoused will attend the 7:30 PM Monday, September 14, 2015 meeting of the City Council to demand  a moratorium on 4.815, Eugene’s anti-camping ordinance and that all outstanding tickets be suspended or dismissed.  The group will also demand a moratorium and suspension of 4.807 Criminal Trespass 2, a “quality of life” charge, and of the Parks Exclusion (Restricted Use) which is given without judicial review in violation of the 4th Amendment “due process’ clause.

The final demand is to put a moratorium on interrupting anyone who is settled to sleep on public land who is not blocking pedestrian or vehicular traffic from dusk to dawn  It is intended that the moratoriums remain in place until Eugene develops laws, policies and practices that comply with the US Constitution,  Oregon Law and International Law.

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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