God, Guns, and, The Love Chicken



I am going to work my movie idea ‘Love Chicken’ into this rally tomorrow.  I am going to resurrect Uncle Samaclus and pretend he is on Putin and Trump’s side!

“Give me a G! Give me another G! Now, Give me your vote for Putin and Trump!”

We are going to show Eugene that it’s cool to lean right politically and believe in God as well as support the president of the United States!

Groovy, man! I feel a love chicken coming on! So cool! I would l love a Russian Goose – and a purse!

John The Prophet

EXTRA! The King of Evangelicals just threatened to hurt our allies who issues a travel warning due to gun violence in America.


Luke 22:36 New International Version (NIV)

36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.

The previously planned God, Guns and Trump rally has been renamed to God, Guns and Liberty.

Andrew Allwander has stepped down as an organizer and handed the reigns entirely to Jamie Burnett, who is affiliated with Oregon III%. The event was planned before this weekend’s mass shootings, but was not canceled despite them.

Event organizers said the rally was not meant to overlap a Eugene Springfield Pride in the Park, but many community members still feel the timing is inappropriate and even unsafe. The Eugene-Springfield chapter of Showing Up For Racial Justice plans to have a counter-protest.

Do you love or at least respect God and morality and tradition, love guns and the 2nd amendment and right to be armed, and our American freedom? Then this rally is for you!

We are going to show Eugene that it’s cool to lean right politically and believe in God as well as support the president of the United States! We will meet at the Eugene Courthouse downtown at 1pm on August 10th and the event will end at 3pm sharp. We will have local people speaking on God and self defense, the 2nd Amendment.

This is a patriotic event that will promote God, morality, tradition, the right to self defense and own firearms and carry them.

We cannot let leftists control our city and tell us to keep silent about our beliefs! Let’s show them that we are positive and peaceful people while making a statement about our willingness to appeal to a higher authority above man, that we will defend our country, and we will defend our president.

This is a 2A friendly event and there will be many guns present including AR-15’s. This event is not for soft-conservatives, but those who are bold. We want to show Eugene that there is no reason to fear weapons like firearms as they are just objects and tools that are not alive.
Also, this is a pro America/America First kind of rally. Please make sure any flags, signs or symbols represent America, MAGA, God, and other Americana things in the style of 1776. We ask that you don’t bring Confederate flags or signs to this rally just so we keep the rally focused and leave the media with nothing to bite on except our guns and freedom! This is definitely a non-racist rally. We do not want white nationalists or any national socialist or alt right messages.
No matter what the media will say this is NOT a “far-right” event. This is a solid right event though. Regular conservatives and libertarians.

This is also not a Christian specific event even though it is Christian oriented. We hope many Christians show up, but if you are not a Christian you are welcome to this event and we encourage you to show up anyway. The point is that our nation was founded on Christian morality which blessed us and gave us guidance, morals, and tradition that kept us so strong.  If you appeal to a higher authority, or you refuse to bow down to man and bad decisions made by them and appeal to something greater than them then this event is for you!  Even atheists could get behind that! We welcome conservatives and libertarians from all walks of life! But if Christ offends you so much that you wouldn’t show up then you are just a snowflake.

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