Chinese Beef Cowboys

I just saw Angie Craig on the Lawrence O’Donnell show, and she says Trump is poised to lose the rural vote. Farmers are bailing on Trump’s Bailout that they see as parasitical welfare. Rena (Irene) has been a model-muse-goddess for this Range War between the right and the left. Trump has made farmers extremely left-leaning – against their will. Rena picked a fight with me about “left-leaning” that may lose Trump and the Republicans the election -in the end. Who saw this coming?

I want to make peace with my model and muses, Rena and Belle, who I have called Renabelle. There are Farm and Art lessons to be learned – then taught! If we lose our art and agriculture, then we have lost our history. What about our justice? We are on the verge of losing our Respect. Where are our real roots?

John Presco

Rep. Angie Craig Champions Minnesota Farmers at Farmfest

August 8, 2019
Press Release
Rep. Craig meets with local producers, speaks at listening session on farm economy

Yesterday, U.S. Rep. Angie Craig attended Farmfest in Morgan, Minnesota to continue her fight to preserve Minnesota’s family farms, meet with local producers, and share her work on the House Agriculture Committee.

As a Member of the House Agriculture Committee, Rep. Craig has made supporting Minnesota farmers a top priority. On the heels of new trade announcements between the United States and China, Rep. Craig underscored the importance of a sound trade strategy that opens markets for farmers and gives them the opportunity to pass their farms along to the next generation. Rep. Craig has proven her commitment to greater Minnesota by bringing rural voices to Washington.

To that end, Rep. Craig participated in a listening session on the state of the farm economy with Secretary Sonny Perdue, Chairman Collin Peterson, and members of the Minnesota Delegation to discuss the bipartisan work that is being done to support Minnesota farmers. She also visited the booths of the Minnesota Farm Bureau, Minnesota Soybean Growers, Minnesota Corn Growers, Minnesota Pork Producers, Minnesota Cattlemen’s Association, and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, among many more. At these booths, Rep. Craig heard about how she can be a strong partner in Congress for smart trade policies and expanded markets for producers.

“I spent 25 years working in business where much of our sales were exports and China was one of our fastest growing markets. I’m incredibly concerned that we’ve asked the nation’s farmers to take a little bit of pain for a long-term gain on this trade war,” Rep. Craig said at the listening session. “I see a lot of pain from Second Congressional District of Minnesota and I don’t see a strategy in sight. I’m rooting for the administration to be successful, but I’m not sure how much longer our farmers can wait. The current trade assistance does not make them whole.”

In her first seven months in Congress, Rep. Craig has made it a priority to push for policies that support our ag economy and bring more rural voices to the table. She has:

  • Hosted a listening session in White Rock on the state of the farm economy, hosted Minnesota farmers and ranchers at the State of the Union and at a Congressional hearing, and visited farms in Cannon Falls and Farmington.
  • Introduced the bipartisan FEEDD Act, which would give farmers and ranchers additional emergency harvest flexibility on prevent plant ground and help alleviate feed concerns. As a result of this bill, the Administration took steps to move the Nov. 1st harvest date for cover crops on prevent plant ground – giving farmers and ranchers much needed flexibility during this wet planting season.
  • Secured additional funding for rural broadband and the Rural Energy For America Program to improve the quality of life in Greater Minnesota.
  • Advocated for expanded markets for biofuels as a cosponsor of the Biodiesel Tax Credit Extension Act of 2019 and by presenting testimony to House Ways and Means.
  • Pushed the Administration to implement smart, deliberate trade policies that open up markets that farmers have worked decades to build and provide sustainable, long term economic growth.

EIRENE (Irene) was the goddess of peace and the season of spring. She was one of the three Horai (Horae), deities of the seasons and keepers of the gates of heaven. Her sisters were Eunomia (Good Order) and Dike (Justice).

Eirene’s name is the Greek word for peace (eirênê) but it is also closely connected with the word for spring (eiar, eiarinos). In ancient Greece late spring was the traditional campaign season, the time when peace was most at risk.

Eirene was probably identified with the Hora Thallo (Green Shoots), whose name Hesiod uses as an epithet for Eirene in the Theogony. Her opposite number was Polemos (War).

In classical art the goddess usually appears in the company of her two sister Horai bearing the fruits of the seasons. Statues of the goddess often depict her as a maiden holding the infant Ploutos (Plutus) (Wealth) in her arms. In this guise she was identified with the Demeter and Tykhe (Tyche), the goddesses of agricultural bounty.

Rosamond Press

I foresaw this. China wanted our Beef. The Lord of New York ruled this was Un-American.

Seer Jon

Just a few hours earlier, Bullock announced himself as the 22nd democratic contender in the 2020 presidential race. So appropriately, Taylor Swift’s “22” played in the kitchen as kids studied and dad signed forms declaring himself a candidate. It was momentous for the man who grew up in Helena, in which he still lives; his daughter joked it was “anti-climatic,” but had some insight into the kick-off.

Where’s the beef? Not in China.

President Trump’s escalating trade beef with China has frozen plans to sell more Montana steaks, hamburgers and jerky to Chinese consumers.

“The trade disputes have really slowed down efforts to try to get Montana beef to Chinese markets,” Jay Bodner, executive vice president of the Montana…

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