Kimbo And Wade Ride Again

Kim and her daughter took me to see the Haffners. I brought along a print out of Kimbo and Wade and showed it to Sue. She was not happy. She is a super Christian who likes to judge people. She believes she can be contaminated by non-Christians decreasing her chances of being RAPTURD! When Sue read my anti-Rapture Church rants – SHE FREAKED. He daughter had brought Satan into her home. Kim had to atone! I had to be destroyed! Kim says Belle and Alley WARNED her about me! Here are members of Whoville setting up the Eugene Police they hoping they grope Angie so they can file charges. These are vile creatures that are admitted ANARCHISTS.

Rosamond Press

I came to own 32 years sobriety on April 7th. When I graduated from the New Hope program at Serenity Lane, my aftercare package said;

“Write! Write! Write!”

It’s all I do, ten hours a day!

I told an ex-neighbor, who moved from here in order to get away from the madness, I have an idea for a movie, or HBO series. She could not stop laughing. I use humor to deal with situations that are out of control, and abusive. Love Chicken is still in the works.

After I befriended all members of the Haffner family, I was told they are kin to Jack Webb, an actor who played a police detective. All of a sudden, Columbo came to mind. I wrote Kimbo and Wade, and showed it to the Haffners. They got a kick out of it. Kim, who is called, Kimbo, blessed my project. She did not…

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About Royal Rosamond Press

I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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