Order of the Netherlands Lion

I just wrote this poem – to Lara Roozemond.


Daughters rebel – like sons? What is that like – dear muse? Tell us – the world wants to know! For sons – there is a thing called – duty. For daughters there is – the glass slipper! For poets and patriots – there is both. You have a calling


Rosamond Press

Lara Roozemond’s grandfather, is

Cornelis Marinus Lauwerens (Cees) Roozemond (Sint Philipsland, 23 May 1927 – Rotterdam, 18 November 2008) was a Dutch journalist, politician and director. He was, among other things, mayor of Alkmaar. Roozemond was a member of the Labor Party .

He was awarded The Order of the Netherlands that comes from the House of Orange, and William the 1st. from who William the 3rd. descends, whose image is carried in all Orange Parades! Lara Roozemond, and others who were reading this blog, were blown away! I was conducting a Psychic Search for my Rosamond kindred in Holland. The question is, did I find them? Are these Roozemonds rightful owners of this name and Rose Line? Are they Pretenders? There has to be an explanation why there was an attempt to SILENCE ME, even, disappear me!

I believe Lara Roozemond is my kindred, and THEY know it. Lara’s…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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