Bad-Ass Muse and Big Hunter and Fisher Guy

The Range War – begins!

Rosamond Press

Trump’s s son, what’s his face, got the Montana Culture War going with bragging about what a big hunter and fisher guy he is, and, how he came to Montana to shoot animals, which his father was not too happy with – a while back! There is not one person of color in the audience. This is Hitlerism come to America. Hitler ‘The King of White World’ wants his Aryan Bad Boys to fish the streams of Mother Russia that has been denuded of non-Germans. The people of Montana are being used as a backdrop in Trump’s Trade War with China. He is telling the Yellow Race to be careful. The American Press, is attacked!

I suspect our President wanted to put the Grizzly Bear back on the range so his sons can shoot them dead. This reporter will conduct a investigation. Will the Trump Boys of the New American…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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