Knights of Solomon’s Temple

The article about Willy and the Angel pointing to the lost girl appeared after this post.

Rosamond Press

In my book ‘Bonds With Angels’ I am poised to destroy Christianity that was invented by the Serial Killer, Saul-Paul, who was a conservative Pharisee who went after Jesus and his followers. I have discovered who Jesus worshipped – and the Knights Templar – who were shown the truth while on Crusade. That Christianity empowers Trump and Putin is – the proof! Herbert Armstrong is rolling over in his grave at the sight of Putin and Trump smirking together.

King Solomon was a very Liberal Ruler. He married many foreign wives and established places of worship for them and her people. Jesus was not a Conservative Follower of the Law. Christian History says he alone invented a New Religion. This is not true. Paul invented a church that was wide open for Pagans and Gentiles, like Solomon’s church. For this reason I declare all Christian Conservative Lawmakers – THE COLLECTIVE…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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