Black Pynchon

A black woman will be the next Bond. A year ago I wrote a script about a Black Thomas Pynchon to get rid of the taste of the bad movie they made from Tom’s book, ‘Inerient Vice’. At I see Teriteno’s BOMB I’m going to write ‘What If Manson Was Black?”

Rosamond Press

When I read they were seriously considering having a black man play James Bond, I wondered what they were going to do with all those white man clichés and stereotypes – that I was having a problem with – with my white James Bond – even though I turned him – into a woman. Then there is the smashing of a white man’s icon. Who do we got left? How about, Thomas Pynchon? Why not kill him off and replace him with a – Black Pynchon?

Most of the black people I have known, and know, have very active and healthy social lives. So, the contrast is not in the change of skin color, but, being turned from a reclusive bug hiding in a damp log – into a social butterfly! Tom had a chance to be in the limelight of the Richard and Mimi Farina show. The Baez family…

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I am an artist, a writer, and a theologian.
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