Father O’Brian’s Shop Around Nazi Brats

Young people are brought up to be Shop-Around Superior People – like their mothers. If you don’t like your husband, who fathered your kids, get rid of that dude and get a better husband – and father for your kids! The court system allows the children to make a choice.

My biological daughter, via my DNA,  had many surrogate fathers. All of them were told my child had a vocation at an early age, which is – to be famous and rich!

“Can you help her along in her career, give her a leg up?”

In a letter to Oprah Winfrey, Heather’s mother admits she knew Heather was my baby, but, her criminal husband’s name when on the birth certificate. The mother went shopping, looking for the best deal for herself – and maybe her children? Biological Fathers don’t hold any power over the Biological Mothers – on any level.

Here is my daughter going off on me in BOLD LETTERS for not knowing my grandson’s grandmothers maiden name – whatever! I never met Holly. However, her twenty year old son came to check me out, and, not liking what he saw, I believe he convinced his SEVENTEEN year old lover, I didn’t have the right stuff. I believe THIS MAN took MY CHILD across State Lines – and Holly knew it!

There was talk of marriage, but, Ryan Hunt CHOSE not to be a father. When THIS MAN got MY CHILD pregnant, he demanded she get an abortion. If there had been a wedding, then I would have met Ms. Hunt – and got her name. When her GROWN MAN SON was not at the hospital when MY GRANDSON was born, I wanted to beat him black and blue! What for? Why bother! It doesn’t matter. I’m just the REAL FATHER – THE SUCKER!

I just watched the news and saw two women who were RAPED by Epstein. One was fourteen when a grown man too her. Epstein had Underage Agents working for him, they on the prowl for children with no fathers, and, were being pushed to be famous STARS by their mothers. My daughter wanted a Sugar Daddy, a Party Daddy, a guy like her cousin’s step-father that would make sure she had  a successful career. What she wanted, was to find the guy her mother should have married so there would be a better outcome, and……….A HAPPY ENDING!

When an adult male has sexual intercourse with a child, it is called………RAPE!

Heather was my Happy Ending, and my reward for getting sober and being in a Twelve Step Program for thirteen years. Not one family member was happy with my sobriety – before Heather showed up at sixteen in 2000. Indeed, my family hated my sobriety. It forced them to consider me as a semi-equal. When I was now a father, and then a grandfather – they gave me the silent treatment, and tried to render me fatherless again.

After reading Cian’s SLUR and demotion, I am going to tell it like it is, as if I am sharing with my Brother’s and Sisters in AA. I will tell how my family hated Christine’s sobriety, this very evident in the evil biography Tom Snyder wrote. My beloved sister drowned on her first sober birthday. She had made plans to go back to Circle Galleries and live in New York. I believe she wanted to take me, along with Drew.

There are Catholic Fathers and Mother Superiors who outrank real mothers and fathers. I am going to found a branch of Catholicism that bids Fathers to be real Fathers. The jig is up. No more Nazi Brats on shopping sprees! Why not get into Super Race Breeding engineered by children? A thirteen year old girl goes to Father O’Conner and tells him she wants to be a Super Star and Super Breeder – with a lot of money!

“But, I don’t want my father, or the father of my children, to own any power!”

“I see!”

Would you like to be a member of Billionaire O’Brien’s Catholic Harem?”

Cian went off on me in front of my daughter, and defended Catholicism because I used the term Immaculate Conception, which I will debunk in my book ‘Bond’s with Angels – The Arrest of Jesus’.  If you were old in years and had no child, it was said God closed your womb. If you get pregnant, this was called a Divine Conception. I am sure Cian e-mailed MY daughter and bolstered his slander.

“Gee. You poor girl. Your father is some kind of nut. Who cares about family trees anymore, now that We Nazi Brats have taken over!”

Cian had heard his father’s Racist Rants – since he was a kid! He knew his father was severely mentally ill. But, now he had a chance to make him look good by makig me look real bad – with my daughter’s help!

Fuck you little gutter-snipe, you insipid Nazi Youth!



John Presco

Copyright 2019


Heather Hanson <hthr_hanson@yahoo.com>


Apr 23, 2006 at 4:05 PM


John Ambrose <braskewitz@yahoo.com> wrote:

Let’s see.


TYLER HUNT is the son of RYAN HUNT, whose mother is HOLLY HUNT


Is this a emaculate conception?


TYLER HUNT is the son of HEATHER HANSON whose mother is PATRICE HANSON which is her mother’s maiden name.


Is this another emaculate conception?


Heather said she changed her last name from DELPIANO to her mother’s maiden name.


Boy, Cian O’BRIAN and Heather will make perfect cousins.



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