Dark Ride of The Teutonic Knights

This very prophetic post was made on November 2, 2018. I found it while looking for my posts on the Suttmeister Tomb. It occured to me when I awoke I am making dictations to an ancient reality that some of the most important people in history were members of. Nostradamus comes to mind.

Rosamond Press

It is said John Wilson is buried at King’s Chapel, but his crypt has not been found. He descends from the Knights of Saint John who had ties to the Teutonic Knights, from whom my Stuttmeister kin descend. These two order came together in Holland. The Stuttmeisters made a fortune in the fur trade. Their real name, is unknown. I believe they were members of the Dutch East Indies Company.

My new book begins: KNIGHT TRADERS

She was his wife, but they did not marry for love. Katrina descended from the wealthy Rosemont-Rover family, and he from the rulers of Brandenburg. Their two families had a chance to corner the Berlin fur trade – if they could get along long enough! Their ambition and love of money blinded them to what they truly wanted – each other. Only when they arrived at the root of all evil did they behold…………The…

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